This Weekend, Austin Estate Sale in Shoal Creek! Home of Published Author Fred S Webster

Are you ready to come shop this weekend? Our Central Austin, Shoal Creek estate sale is ready and waiting for you!

This estate sale is for the sustainable farmer, urban agriculturist, history buff, Austin-o-phile, natural living types,  book and art lovers.  In short, this estate sale is for progressive Austinites,  and naturally, as usual, there is tons of kitsch and great vintage jewelry.

We also have some really great collectibles, unique, rare finds that history and geography buffs will love. Christmas kitsch and holiday decor and entertaining items are also in this estate sale.

Our estate owners, original Austinites and locals to the Austin area since the early 1900s, were avid nature lovers, readers, and writers. Authors of books, including many University of Texas publications and many autographed books. From a family of beekeepers and  gardeners, our estate owners were well-versed in nature.  This is one of those estate sales that comes full circle, seeing that many of this couple’s pursuits from then, are now becoming popular again.

Aside from their natural pursuits, we have many of our typical standard estate sale wares.

We’ve unearthed some really cool and fun holiday finds. For instance, this fabulous Nativity Scene and some great holidays dishes, platters, gravy boats and the like.

#Vintage creche

#Vintage creche


Holiday cookbooks.

Holiday cookbooks


Holiday cookware

Holiday cookware

To go with our vintage nature lovers theme, we have #vintage Texas farming maps. Many other maps as well. Including TOPO, Secret WWII maps of Japan, and much more.

texas farming map better-SWe also have a rare United States map that shows Texas as an independent republic.

old colored texas map-Sold texas colored map tag info-SThere’s a lot of artwork in this estate sale, much of it is bird-related. But we also have other interesting finds, like this reproduction death mask of the famous poet Keats.

keats death mask-SOur estate owners were avid bird watchers. Among their many bird books and bird portraits, they had tons of these slides from their birding travels.

bird slides lot-SThis is just the tip of the iceberg folks, there is so much more. You can see more photos here on Smug Mug. Also, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, where we post up-to-the-minute updates. And keep you informed about upcoming estate sales.

And now, for the part you’ve really been waiting for, address and hours!

Address: 4926 Strass


Friday, Dec. 6: 10-3

Saturday, Dec. 7: 9-3

Sunday, Dec. 8: 10-2

Be sure to sign up for our email list to get updates on our upcoming estate sales in the future!

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Estate Owners, Author, Beekeeper, Orchid Lover, Austin Local at Heart

IMG_6367Fred and Marie Webster would have fit in well with today’s Austinites. Our upcoming estate sale is the former home of an Austin man and woman who delved into many of the pursuits that have made a comeback, beekeeping, tending plants, gardens and writing. They were also avid birdwatchers and art lovers.

This home is filled with artifacts of today’s modern hobbies and for anyone who doesn’t want to just do things with a retro attitude, but really wants to understand the history behind it all, this estate sale is for you!


Fred and Marie Webster were married in 1951, and came to live in Austin from Lockhart, Tx, where her parents were successful bee keepers, with a honey business, Sterenenberg Brothers Honey Producers, started in 1914. Marie married a man who shared the same sensibilities as her father. Fred Webster and his wife were avid naturalists in life, in their enjoyment of art, and in their writings.


IMG_6243About Our Estate Owners

Fred Webster penned three mysteries, a (slightly) fictional war story, and co-authored two autobiographical travel books with Marie. The two were bird and travel lovers, many the books and items at this sale reflect both loves.


Readers, writers, nature lovers, and sustainable living enthusiasts. Looking around the estate you can tell that they spent their entire lives immersing themselves in the things they loved. Their home is a reflection of the history they lived and the natural beauty of the wildlife they enjoyed.

Both of the Websters also wrote for Audubon Field Notes (now American Birding Association).

This upcoming Austin estate sale planned for Dec. 6,7, and 8 will be sure to give you lots to think about if you are a budding naturalist, sustainable farmer, beekeeper, or bird lover/watcher.

Check out photos here on Smug Mug. And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If you’d like to get emails about our upcoming estate sales, please sign up here. Promise, never, ever spammy!

Have a great Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, everyone. See you soon!


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Let’s Talk Bees, Birds, & Botany! Upcoming Estate Sale in Central Austin

Hey folks! Our next estate sale is coming up quickly, just in time for Christmas shopping  and for all the collectors out there. Our last sale of the year and will be one for the eclectic vintage/antique shopper for sure.


Our estate owner was an intellectual person, with naturalist interests. He has an extensive collection of vintage/antique books on birds, beekeeping, and growing native Texas plants.


Our client Fred S. Webster, was a published author, and orchid grower, with an avid interest in mixing the two for his own writing on murder mysteries in a Texas nature setting. He and his wife Marie, even co-authored a book together.

This couple loved to meet new people and other writers as well. They have a huge selection of  books  in their library of that are author-signed. Book Buyers mark your calenders. This is the sale for you. Also the largest selection of University of Texas Press books we have ever had, among the UTP published books, one is from our very own estate owner.

Salman Rushdie signed copy of East, West.

Salman Rushdie signed copy of East, West.

This estate has many offerings, aside from the books there is a large collection of lovely artwork some original, Austin and NOLA music posters, vintage, kitsch, including a great selection of vintage electric fans, and much more that we aren’t ready to mention yet. (Hint, music lovers and LP Collectors.)


We’ve also got a really great selection of antique and vintage photographs, studio cards, cabinet cards and more! Tons and tons of them, great for crafty projects. These are so cool.


Our estate owners loved to travel and travel they did! When they were not traveling to Mexico, they hit the road here in the USA. Road trips, it seems were their specialty.


This estate sale is great for the collector or someone buying a Christmas gift for a collector. History buffs, bird watchers, bee keepers, organic gardeners, art lovers, ephemera junkies, and Austin-o-philes will be in heaven.  We will also showcase a unique to this sale a selection of jewelry and smalls.


This estate sale will be held in an established Central Austin neighborhood. The weekend of Dec. 6,7,8. Stay tuned for the address, and more details!


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Flood Clean Up in Onion Creek

A BIG thank you to all who helped.

The night before Halloween, we had torrential rains in Austin. Most of you know that, but Onion Creek was one area that took a lot of water.  Many homes and cars were lost. Most on my street. It’s been one heckuva week with flood clean up and trying to salvage my belongings.

Luckily, we had some help. I just have to say this, HEB totally rocks!

While the rest of Austin moved on with their lives, we had volunteers from HEB stores all over the surrounding area. Even driving in from Elgin.

Here are few photos.

All the fencing behind my house was knocked down.

It was tragic, for sure. But luckily, these friendly folks from HEB pitched in and helped us with clean up all weekend long!


It was amazing what we couldn’t salvage. Look at all that stuff!

Cameron and his friends hamming it up for the photo. These guys just LOVED breaking down the damaged fences. They all worked with out complaint from morning till early evening. And the best part? They did it with a smile.

notsalvageableLuckily we managed to save the estate sale signs. Phew!!

signsThey even cleaned out the fridge in my garage. Yep, like a true Texan, I had a garage fridge.

garagefridgeHEB also supplied these clean up tote bags to me and all my neighbors. They contained bleach, gloves, paper towels, bug spray, tooth brushes and more! These kits were invaluable.

Needless to say, I am very grateful to HEB for sending out these supplies, the breakfast tacos, bottled water AND OF COURSE the helpful volunteers to clean up after the flood. It’s great to know that we have good neighboring businesses.


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Having an Estate Sale Means Your Treasures Will Go To Loving Homes

OCfurbikeOne of the more difficult parts of running an estate sale company is to share in all the emotions my clients experience,  with the process of selling their treasures. For many clients, we are handling a lifetime of memories, and it can be hard for them to let go.

On the positive side, offering your treasures to estate sale shoppers ensures that your most prized possessions will go into the homes of loving new owners.

When clients are having difficulty letting go, I remind them that having an estate sale is one of the best ways to part with their items. While donating your estate to a charity or thrift store can be cathartic, it isn’t necessarily the best way to go.

Imagine the assembly line of sorting and pricing your stuff has to go through in a large organization before it gets into the hands of the actual buyer.

When you have an estate sale, your items get into the hands of the new owner straight away directly from your own home.

Estate sale shoppers are, in general, an amazing breed of folks. Many of them love the process of buying from the home where that item has lived for decades. For the average estate sale shopper, the buying process isn’t just about getting the item, it’s about identifying with and knowing a bit of that item’s history.

In many cases, your items will be brought back to a new life. Such as this pair of stools, which needed a bit of TLC when we offered them for sale. Our shopper was so happy to have bought them, she sent us these before and after photos just two days after purchasing them!





Even clothing is worn with renewed passion!

One of our favorite #vintage shoppers, La Fashion Snob

One of our favorite #vintage shoppers, La Fashion Snob in a vintage sweater from an AO estate sale

An example of a sofa we sold, inserted into a shoppers home in a special place.

Another of our favorite shoppers, in the home of Betty Crafter

Another of our favorite shoppers, in the home of Betty Crafter, a vintage sofa from an AO estate sale

Having an estate sale is one of the best ways to let your treasure trove of possessions experience a new life.

Being able to accept that you are on the path to selling most all of your items is hard. But imagining them in the loving hands of new owners may make it a little bit easier for some.

Contact Deb for a free consult:

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Austin Vintage Blog: An AO Shopper Profile

Here at Amber Ostrich Estate Sales, we have many shoppers who are business owners and come to our estate sales to buy for their businesses.

This shopper profile is part of installation of a blog series about our shoppers who are also business owners.

Austin Vintage Blog Melinda Ledbetter

You may recognize this dress. She bought it at our Pflugerville estate sale!

Melinda Ledbetter is joining the forces of people who take something they love and start blogging about it. About six months ago, she took the plunge and started Austin Vintage Blog where she blogs about her local vintage buys and her general love of vintage.

A former wedding planner, Ledbetter said she loved the vintage weddings the most and still had a collection of antique and vintage wedding items when she quit that business after suffering from back problems.

Ledbetter was no stranger to thrifting even before her wedding planning days. As a child she and her mother shopped at garage sales. And growing up in Victoria, TX, she and her mother shopped antique and vintage stores all the time.

“I’ve always been so addicted to it,” she said.

At one point, Ledbetter’s scouring of thrift and antique stores turned up a major

score. She found a Wavecrest opal vase, which she bought for a mere $2.50. It turned

Wearing the UT dress found at the Amber Ostrich Pflugerville estate sale.

Wearing the UT dress found at the Amber Ostrich Pflugerville estate sale.

out to be worth about $350.

At that point, she said, she knew she was hooked and needed an outlet to tell other people about her finds.

Wedding planing and antique vases aside, Ledbetter’s passion for vintage is in the clothes.

“(Vintage) clothing is my passion,” she said. Her favorite being, “the roaring 20s.”

You can visit Austin Vintage Blog for more info. The blog will begin to feature monthly “recycled  rewards” where she will feature local venues and give away cool stuff she finds.


Read more Amber Ostrich Business Profiles here. If you are a business owner who shops our sales, email to be profiled on our blog!


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EPIC #Vintage Estate Sale This Weekend!

Ok, ok, I KNOW I say this for most of our estate sales, but our Tarrytown estate sale upcoming this weekend is seriously EPIC! (What can I say, we get the BEST estate sales in town!)

We have so much stuff it is blowing my mind and I’m making it worth your while!

The overview: It’s in Tarrytown, just down the street from one of past Tarrytown estate sales. This one is in a large house over on Pecos Street. This crafty family lived there since the 1950s.

Not only are the contents of this house a lifetime of memories and lovely vintage, both parents were savers, very resourceful, they also saved items from their  parents and grandparents. So, it’s not just 1970s vintage, we’ve got stuff going wayyyy back. All the children from this estate have their own grown children, and told me that they did not take much to their own homes.

So, what do we have?

We have a bedroom FULL of vintage clothing, various women’s, men’s and children’s sizes. Hats a plenty including some pristine vintage hats from Italy!

#Vintage fabric. We have boxes and boxes of fabric from the 1950s through today.

#Vintage fabric. We have boxes and boxes of fabric from the 1950s through today.

We have crafty items! The lady of this house loved to sew. I mean, LOVED!

According to her daughter, “I didn’t get to buy any clothes until I had my first babysitting jobs and could buy them myself.” She said she’d find photos in magazines, point them out to her mom and next thing she knew, her mother would have replicated the piece of clothing. She even made her own patterns.

You know what this means. We have vintage fabric and patterns! We have about 40 large boxes of fabric (not all is vintage) and we’ll be selling it for $5 a bag, come and fill ‘er up.

And guess what? Yep. Naturally, we have sewing notions, thread, buttons and a gazillion vintage patterns too. We’ll be selling the patterns all for only $1. Right. ONE dollar each!


Dealers, restock your stores for Christmas. This one is prime pickins’. For the crafty peeps, this one will be so much fun. We have cross stitch kits too. Attn. Betty Crafter you gotta know this sale is right up your alley!

Next up, ephemera. Love old paper? We’ve got vintage Christmas cards. This stuff is adorable! Cute for making crafts. Cute for sending. Or whatever else you want to do with them.

christmas lot-S

Not just Christmas cards, we’ve also got Christmas ornaments, including Shiny Brites!


And I know with the big bang holidays right around the corner, February seems far away, but trust me, Valentine’s Day is coming and we’ve got a slew of cute Valentines! Your kids will stick out in class with the cutest and most unique Valentine’s Day cards. Or just use them for fun crafting, whatever you desire.

IMG_5781IMG_5775We’ve also got some really amazing and unique Naive Art. This artwork was all done by the youngest daughter of the estate when she was a child and taking art lessons.

IMG_5565Each child in this family had creative talent. They all took piano lessons and played other instruments. YES. We have a horn, a violin, and a ton,  I mean almost literaly a TON of piano sheet music and books. One daughter was an artist, another a sewer, like their mom, and another was a talented crocheted rug maker. She learned this skill from her grandmother, who had made crocheted rugs out of old clothing and sheets as a child in rural Texas. Our rugs at this sale were all made with new fabric.  This daughter eventually went on to make handmade rugs for a living.

IMG_5654Like I said earlier, this family was not only crafty, but musical. Take a look at some of the sheet music we have for sale.

IMG_5546Oldies, but goodies…..


Phew! There’s so much more! I can’t even list it all here. Still going through the last of the closets and posting last minute photos of our “new” finds. Like I said, this sale has become Bigger than Dallas! (That’s, of course, a GOOD thing.)

This is the perfect estate sale for dealers to restock post ACL. Vintage lovers will find so many great things to add to their collections. And the crafty folks will not be disappointed. You are sure to find some hidden treasures.

Be sure and check out more photos on Smug Mug, Pinterest and if you’re not already following us on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll find some great nuggets over there. We try to show a good portion of it all, but you know there will be even more surprises come Friday morning. So, call in sick. Hire a babysitter. Cancel your appointments and get here any way you can. We’ll be here all weekend!

Now for the most important part. Address and hours are:


2623 Pecos St.


  • Friday, Oct. 18, 10-3
  • Saturday, Oct. 19, 9-3
  • Sunday, Oct. 20, 10-2

Remember…. CASH and Carry, bring a friend, and make it a day.

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Tarrytown, A Vintage, Crafty, Christmas, & Western Estate Sale

Amazing neon #vintage poster.

Amazing neon #vintage poster.

Upcoming on the heels of ACL, Amber Ostrich is hosting a very, merry VINTAGE Crafty Christmas Estate Sale in Tarrytown!

We’re calling this estate sale the Endless Summer, because it’s an endless stream of more great vintage finds.

Yep, perfect for this time of year. With the holidays coming up, you can stock up on vintage, and holiday gifts for the whole family.

Lots of really interesting and unique items. We are still unpacking closets and finding more as we speak. Already we have unearthed some really great holiday decor for Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day.

We also have Vintage Western galore, man oh man, this family loved Western memorbilia. And the crafting/sewing items! This estate sale one for the sewist/crafty person, for sure, tons of fabric, yarns, sewing notions and so much more.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments!

We’ve got a great mishmash of Christmas ornaments, the cutesy little Shiny Brite bulbs, miniature managers, and other baubles. Then there’s all the sweet Christmas ephemera, gift tags, some cool vintage wrapping paper, vintage boxes, and more!


#Vintage Christmas Creations, from 1980.


Vintage Western!

We’ve also got a large amount vintage Western, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and the gang, as well as vintage cowboy gear, and  a  collection of western toys guns and Bowie type knives.



For the sewist and crafter, we have got an insane amont of vintage patterns! So many, so much, that we are offering them for $1 apiece. Any and all, they will only be ONE DOLLAR! Come out and get some super cool vintage patterns for a buck.


But it’s not just patterns, we’ve got a bunch of sewing notions: vintage fabric, thread, magazines, ephemera, braided rugs, brick-a-brack, and more.

Vintage wooden spools.

Vintage wooden spools.


For those of you who missed our last estate sale, or perhaps, you just didn’t get enough (and who can ever have enough vintage clothing anyway!), we’ve got MORE vintage clothing! We’ll be posting photos of that verrrrry, soon, so watch for it! There are some really fun items that could be used for Halloween costumes, fashionable vintage dresses, vintage kids’ clothing, and some amazing vintage accessories!

We are running this sale on the heels of ACL, so watch for more info coming on Facebook, Twitter and of course, my new favorite, Pinterest.


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Loyal TJ Fan: I Was the First Customer at Trader Joe’s!

Trader Joe's at midnight!

Trader Joe’s at midnight!

We are already setting up our next estate sale (coming in Tarrytown soon) but in between I HAVE to share with you all my experience being the first customer at the new Trader Joe’s in Austin!

On my phone, I captured the evening of Sept. 19, the night before the Trader Joe’s grand opening in Westlake where I was the Loyal FAN waiting all night in front of the store. It was a fun adventure! Hope you enjoy.

It was close to midnight and my palms were sweaty and almost sticking to the steering wheel as I pulled into the shopping center at the new Trader Joe’s in Westlake. I had packed the car much like an overnight camping trip, bringing all my gear for me and my chihuahua, Venus.

i-vGkh3Q8-MHere’s what I brought:

  • Lawn chair
  • Cooler with fresh juice
  • Water and dog food
  • Dog bed
  • Radio, flashlight, toothbrush, etc.

I had wondered as I drove from South Austin if I would be the first in line. Okay so it’s not an IKEA grand opening! But I certainly couldn’t be the only one who has been waiting and waiting for Trader Joe’s to come to Austin. I guess I was the only one who thought it might be fun to make it an overnight adventure!

It was over a year ago when I first heard it announced that Austin would receive its own Trader Joe’s. I recall at that time,  I blurted out “I will be the first customer!”

Not even sure where that came from! Somewhere deep inside of me, I knew it was something I really wanted to do.

Although  I was the only one in line overnight, there are other die hard followers of TJ’s.

i-x7Tr9sr-MIn fact my very dear and close friend, Tiziana, started an e-petition five years ago and was interviewed in the Statesman for her efforts to make contact with the Trader Joe’s management and present a case for opening a store in Austin.

Yes to state that TJ’s has a bit of a following is probably an understatement. Her petition had over 4200 signatures the last time I looked.

As I was getting dressed, I wondered, “What does a TJ fan look like? Like me I suppose.”

Homemade TJ tattoo.

Homemade TJ tattoo.

Tonight I am wearing my Trader Joe’s T-shirt. I’ve brought my Trader Joe’s thermal insulated shopping bags and I even had a self-made tattoo for the occasion. (Sharpie tatt)

I set up camp at the front of the store and a few minutes later the assistant manager came out to introduce himself.

He asked me what my favorite products were and I told him that Venus was here for the rawhides that are wrapped with chicken breast.  This is the thing  she loves the most. Usually brought to us by a visiting friends from out of town.


A few minutes later he returned with a package of the rawhide treats and some chocolate covered espresso beans, no doubt to help me stay awake through the night.

What a pleasant surprise! Venus and I are very happy.


About 10 minutes later all of the staff came out and introduced themselves and we took a group photograph.

Many of them have relocated from the Bay Area to Austin to work here at the Trader Joe’s. They all seemed really happy and excited about the opening and about moving to Austin.

The Westlake police officer on patrol stopped by and couldn’t believe I was really waiting in line for the store to open in the morning. I replied to his question, “Eight hours is nothing! I’ve been waiting 8 years.” He said, “Very well,” and he would be back to check on me throughout his shift.

The shopping center sits up on a hill off Bee Cave Road and there’s a nice breeze, which is rare during a hot September in Austin. Venus is on my lap and has already devoured one chicken breast raw hide and is very content.

Now I am getting sleepy, I put Venus in her crate and break out my sleeping bag. I am the lone FAN that night until early the next morning when the GRAND OPENING starts to happen.

Me, Venus, and the Trader Joe's staff.

Me, Venus, and the Trader Joe’s staff.


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The Ultimate VINTAGE Sale: UT, Christmas, Clothes, Tupperware & More

It’s finally here folks! Starting Friday at 10 a.m. we will open the doors to the 3-DAY Pflugerville AmaZING Vintage Estate Sale!

As you already know, we’ve got a TON (probably literally) of vintage clothing. We’ve also got stockloads of vintage Tupperware, some new-old-stock (read: never used).

But wait folks, that’s not all!

What you say? How can it be? This sale just keeps getting better and better y’all. You may have noticed that we’ve got a Top 10 Reasons to come to this estate sale running on Facebook. Well, I’m about to give you a few more:

UT memorabilia, vintage Christmas decor (tons of it!) and Elvis. Uh huh…..

We’ve got an entire room filled with UT stuff.


white longhornsglass horns close-S

Hey! Stop lookin' at my butt!!

Hey! Stop lookin’ at my butt!!

Uh, ahem! Next up, Elvis:


Barbie and Elvis, sittin' in a tree.... (never opened!)

Barbie and Elvis, sittin’ in a tree…. (never opened!)

Got an Elvis fan in your family? Drop some cookies in some tins and you've got some Christmas shopping already done. Bing, bang, boom!

Got an Elvis fan in your family? Drop some cookies in these tins and you’ve got some Christmas shopping already done. Bing, bang, boom!

Oh, so you love vintage Christmas decor? We’ve got it. Our estate owner apparently loved to stock up at the after-Christmas sales. We literally have closets full of Christmas snow villages, lights, paper, etc. etc.

snow village-S


cookies on stereo-SThinking about my idea with the Elvis tins? We’ve also got a bunch of vintage cookie plates. Stock up on these colorful cuties and pass out your holiday desserts without having to remember to bring home your fancy plates.


See? It's a great idea! I re-enacted this just so you could imagine the looks on your family's faces.

See? It’s a great idea! I re-enacted this just so you could imagine the looks on your family’s faces.


So there you have it folks. Even with all I’ve shared with you here, there’s still so much more to behold. This sale has it all. Come get your Christmas shopping out of the way. Stock your store with inventory. Redecorate your kitchen. Replenish your wardrobe. And naturally, find some crafty items. Well, what kind of estate sale would it be if we didn’t have something for the crafters?

Estate Sale Hours:

Sept. 27-29

  • Friday: 10-3
  • Saturday: 9-2
  • Sunday: 10-2


1508 Suzi Lane, Pflugerville, Texas

See you bright and early!

Check out more photos on Smug Mug.

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