Jonna Juul-Hansen: An AO Shopper Business Profile


Jonna Juul-Hansen, realtor for the Fred Webster estate.

Jonna Juul-Hansen, Realtor for the Fred Webster estate.

Here at Amber Ostrich Estate Sales, we have many shoppers who are business owners and come to our estate sales to buy for their businesses.

This shopper profile is part of installation of a blog series about our shoppers who are also business owners.

It’s fun when you get to work in the same neighborhood that you live in. That’s just what Jonna Juul-Hansen does, well, sometimes.

She was the Realtor for one of our clients home, where we hosted a recent Amber Ostrich estate sale, the home of author Fred S. Webster. Jonna also lives in the Shoalmont neighborhood, where she does a lot of business, although, not exclusively.

Shoalmont is one of the HOT neighborhoods in Austin right now.

With a lot of political diversity, as well as age diversity, the 50s-style homes in this neighborhood have both some of its original residents and many new families moving in. Juul-Hansen says she enjoys the neighborhood for many reasons: it’s friendliness, and the eclectic nature of the residents.

She also loves the neighborhood because of the styles of the houses. Ranch style houses with carports, she says, promotes a friendlier neighborhood.

“You have to get out of your car near the street. It makes for a much friendlier way of interacting with your neighbors.”

Juul-Hansen says that one of the great things about older Austin neighborhoods, a reason many of them are so popular, and what makes them so unique is a mix of the type of residents. They are diverse, politically and in age, with a nice mixture of long-term residents and new families moving in, giving a stability to the neighborhoods.

The Webster house sold late last year, right after the Amber Ostrich estate sale. In fact, it sold to an estate sale shopper who happened to come to the sale and fall in love with the house. But Juul-Hansen said she got several offers from people who, “wanted to buy a piece of history.”

 You May Recognize Jonna Juul-Hansen from the Big Screen

One of the fun parts about being an Austinite is that the people here live interesting lives. By day Jonna Juul-Hansen is a Realtor, but she is also an actress. You may have seen her in movies like Oliver Stone’s W, where she played Jan O’Neill, a friend of the Bush’s and in a local film, Mars, she played Kinky Friedman’s wife.

Because of her ties to the creative community Juul-Hansen says she often works in eclectic neighborhoods. And her attitude from working with many creatives allows her to keep an open mind with all types of neighborhoods.

“I work intuitively to guide people to make choices that align with what they want to create with their life…. I enjoy aligning people with their higher purpose with the planet. That is what inspires me.”

You can visit Jonna Juul-Hansen’s website here at

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Castle Hill Estate Sale in Historic, Downtown Austin Tons of #Vintage

Calling all estate sale shoppers! May I have your attention please!! Our estate sale in Castle Hill this weekend is a must shop estate sale!!

This house is listed as a historic landmarkand is near downtown.  The estate owners lived here for generations. You can see the Austin skyline from the back porch.

Not only is there a house, but also an apartment out back.

This estate sale is great for dealers and vintage lovers. There are some really unique items here, like the Austin skyline photos (featured in my last blog post); a funky vintage bench; metal Coca Cola signs and trays; vintage kitchen kitsch; a modest bit of vintage clothing and aprons; cool artwork; original artwork by Texas artists, wooden crafts; a baby grand piano; funky furniture; vintage glass soda bottles;  a six-foot tall Gulf Oil sign; Quaker Oil signs, vintage canvas lawn chairs (they are VERY well made and in great shape); an old red bicycle;  a six foot tall wooden tiki, books, including Texana, toy trucks; and all the tidbits that make our Amber Ostrich estate sales memorable and fun to shop!

You’ve got to see this crazy Gulf Oil sign. It’s a rare piece of vintage that will be perfect for just the right collection.


It’s hard to describe the amount of variety in this house folks. Many times, estate owners have one or two specific hobbies, but it seems that these owners were pretty typical Austinites, eclectic, diverse and unique in their interests.

They loved Austin and there is plenty of Austin history in the home.

jail mug-M


Aside from Austin and vintage metal, we’ve got some collectible, classic children’s toys and books.



ozLove this vintage red bicycle!



This table is spectacular!

tableHey, if there’s no one around to play checkers with, then just play Solitaire!



We’ve also got great vintage kitchen items. Even got a vintage coffee urn. Remember those from Sunday potlucks?

kitechen coffe red-M

There is tons more, this is definitely a “don’t miss” estate sale. Starts this Friday, March 28-30. It’s a packed three-day sale!

Check out more photos here.

Address and Hours:

Friday March 28th, 10-3

Saturday March 29th, 9-3

Sunday March 30th, 10-2

1106 West 10th,  Austin TX  78703


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Castle Hill Estate Sale Holds Historic Austin Skyline Photos

Austinites love their skyline and our current estate sale owners were no different. Living on the edge of downtown, this Austinite took photos of the skyline from his rooftop widows peak, and turned them into art.

We have multiples of these pieces of art, made from real photographs, resin and backed with plywood,  in great condition,  classic historic photos encased and ready to hang in a new home.

Check them out:

IMG_7154Here are some up close shots.



These photos span just under 20 years of the Austin skyline, from 1985-2004. It’s a vintage Austin treasure!


IMG_7172 (1)

The estate sale is going to be held this weekend, March 28-30 in Castle Hill, near downtown off Lamar. There is vintage galore, plenty of original artwork, international items, books, antiques, decor and more! This is a don’t miss sale. We will post the address and hours, as usual, a few days before the sale. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more updates!

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This Weekend in South Austin: Honey Badger Estate Sale!

Folks, here it is, the weekend you’ve been waiting for all winter! Our next Amber Ostrich Estate Sale is ready and we’ve got another one coming up the very next weekend too. Don’t miss either one!!

We are calling this one, The Honey Badger Estate Sale

We’ve got a great mix of old and new at this South Austin estate sale. On social media, we are tagging this #manchacasale since it’s on Manchaca and near the Mockingbird Station Post Office.

We have comedy, including an old Playboy Annual book, Sir Viliant comic art and books, classic children’s novels, vintage, and Texas belt buckles, jewelry, South Western Decor,  old-fashioned household gear, a fabulous antique scrapbook, vintage Betty Crocker, a PAIR of real taxidermy cobras, big-eyed children wall art, a modest amount of USAF military memorabilia, antique Victrola records, classic games, vintage Beany and Cecil gear, and a nice assortment of original artwork, including some Texas artists. .

If you haven’t seen our dancing cobras, check these out. A sweet pair of taxidermy cobras in mint condition! These were the inspiration for the name of this estate sale.

cobras ma

We’ve also got a lot of cool kitsch.


And these vintage Beany and Cecil bags are the bomb!



If you like classic comedy, we’ve got tons of it!


Next up, we’ve got USAF related military.


As usual, there is just too much to mention. See more photos here. As always, be sure to watch for photos and updates on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. You can also sign up for email updates here.

2-DAY Estate Sale Hours and Address:

March 21-22, 2014

Friday 10-2

Saturday 9-2

Address: 7501 Helecho, Austin TX 78745


Head South on Manchaca, past Wm. Cannon. Take second RIGHT past Mockingbird Station Post Office, turning RIGHT onto LEAR.

Home is on the corner of Lear and Helecho.

Limited signs in the neighborhood, so please map it before you start out.


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Two Estate Sales Back to Back! South Austin and Castle Hill

Hey folks! We’ve got two estate sales upcoming, yep, that’s right! TWO amazing estate sales over the next two weekends!

Our first sale is this weekend, (more details will follow this week) it is South off Manchaca near the Mockingbird Station Post Office.

Estate Sale # 1 in South Austin

cobras maThis is a honey badger of an estate sale with tons of cool, old and new stuff.  There are some unique items, like a pair of taxidermy cobras, a modest collection of USAF. Vintage Prince Valiant framed comic art, classic children’s books, big-eyed wall art, comedy on DVD, two really cool holiday decorations, wooden Santa and a ghost, a nice collection of original artwork, and old photographs, postcards etc. See photos from this sale here.




Estate Sale #2 in Castle Hill (Lamar near 10th St)

Our next sale coming up is in Castle Hill. It is a registered historic home. This is the estate sale for unique finds and vintage! You won’t want to miss this one.

We’ve got a large and super cool vintage metal Gulf Oil sign, an early Quaker State Oil sign, vintage canvas and wood lawn chairs, old bicycle, Texaco toy truck, African Masks, early Asian Antiques, panoramic skyline vies of downtown Austin from the early 1990s, some clothing,  original artwork, including some Austin art, vintage classic Coca Cola metal trays, jewelry, and so much more! There is even a Baby Grand Piano.

Both of these estate sales are going to be a lot of fun! Hope to see you there!

As always, be sure to watch for photos and updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also sign up for email updates here. I promise, no spam, ever.

Remember, the estate sales start THIS weekend! Get here any way you can!


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Upcoming: A Honey Badger of an Estate Sale, South Austin off Manchaca

Upcoming next week we have a great South Austin estate sale! Hosted in a lovely  home just off of Manchaca, near the Mockingbird Station Post Office. This estate is a great mix of old and new. We have comedy, an old Playboy comic book, vintage comic art and other books, classic children’s novels and books, vintage belt buckles, South Western Decor,  old-fashioned household gear, a fabulous antique scrapbook, vintage Betty Crocker, a PAIR of real taxidermy cobras, big-eyed children wall art, vintage military memorabilia, antique Victrola records, classic games, vintage Beany and Cecil gear, and an antique high chair. It’s a honey badger of an estate sale!

4002fae2e65d57bdc33cf21c97631e69_largeOkay, okay, we’re not actually selling the honey badger! But we do have these amazing PAIR of taxidermy cobras. They are in perfect condition! I definitely want to meet the person who buys this crazy couple!

Doin' the jitterbug, or should I say, the cobra dance.

Doin’ the jitterbug, or should I say, the cobra dance.


This sale has some really cool older items just take a look.

This is a metal flip calendar that you can switch the day manually and the date switches as you flip it around and around. Super cool!


Yes, that’s the date of the sale.

Next up we have several albums of antique Victrola records. They are in excellent condition!

IMG_6662IMG_6667This estates owners had a sense of humor and good taste. They loved comedy and comics. There are two pieces of framed comic art, in mint condition!

IMG_6692Our estate owners clearly loved reading to their now grown grandchildren. They kept classic children’s novels and big-eyed child wall art as a reminders of their childlike spirit.


IMG_6706Do you love Texas and Texas accessories? Well, come on down and get your belt buckle on!

IMG_6732Superman really comes to life in these comics, a compilation from 1939-1942.

IMG_6748 (1)There’s a ton more great stuff, too much to mention. We’ve got lots of vintage comedy routines on DVD and some random hilarious kitschy stuff. For more photos and updates, visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This estate sale will be held next weekend, March 21-22.






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Follow the Vintage Sofa

It’s rare that I get to find out what people do with their Amber Ostrich estate sale purchases. But I happened to get lucky with this one and decided to follow that sofa!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog about a vintage sofa purchased by a shopper who designs her own textiles. That sofa was bought at our last AO estate sale in Shoalmont. Then it was redesigned. And it is now for sale on a trendy new Austin store on S. Lamar, Mockingbird Domestics.

Featured prominently in the front of the store, Spaniola’s lovely sofa is selling for $3,750.

IMG_6627The store has been opened for about a year and a half. Owner Laura Daly says she is thrilled with Spaniola’s work and already has a few chairs in the store that she designed.

Spaniola, owner of Bunglo, upcycles vintage furniture with new material that she designs herself.

Mockingbird specializes in repurposed vintage furniture. All the furniture in the store is either vintage redesigned or made in Texas. Many of the artists they work with are in Austin.

They also hold artist-run workshops, so be sure to check out the website… and the store! It’s filled with treasures. And while you’re you’re at it, be sure and say hi to Laura.

Mockingbird Domestics website




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Shaylene Spaniola and Bunglo: An AO Shopper Profile

Here at Amber Ostrich Estate Sales, we have many shoppers who are business owners and come to our estate sales to buy for their businesses.

This shopper profile is part of installation of a blog series about our shoppers who are also business owners.

Have you ever wondered just what dealers or buyers do with the stuff they buy at estate sales? Shaylene Spaniola, owner of Bunglo, a textile design company, is just one of those buyers who takes the old and makes it new.

At our last estate sale Spaniola bought this vintage sofa, designed a fabric for it and will be selling it at Mockingbird, a local Austin home furnishings store.

Here is Spaniola on the sofa on the day she bought it at the estate sale:

shay on sofa estate

And here’s what it looks like now:

sofa3 sofa8 sofa7


Bunglo, is a textile design company. As an artist, Spaniola works to create fashionable and modern designs on vintage furniture. She also designs linens and bedding.

She trys to keep her work as green as possible. She said that by using vintage furniture it allows her to keep her company’s footprint low.

“I like to take a beautiful product and bring it back to life.”

sofa5Keep an eye out for more updates on this vintage sofa’s life. We’ll be following it to the store and letting you know all the details!


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Tuscany to Texas, A Sensual Food Experience with Italian Chef Massi Mori, Monday

Come Taste the Flavors of Italy

with Chef Massi Mori

Siena, Italy

Hosted by Deborah Larsen of
Italy Unfiltered


With Chef Massi Mori
Siena, Italy




In South Austin
Near Manchaca & Dittmar
Just South of Wm Cannon

It is all about


February 17th
7-9 PM


RSVP Required

Buy Now Button

Cost for food is $10

Come and Taste a sampling of items brought back from Italy

Attention Foodies and Lovers of all Things Italy

This is truly a unique chance to taste the real flavors of Italy here in South Austin. 

Not your typical pairing event

Come and Taste the Way it is Done

Italian Style with a Real Italian Chef

Chef Massi Mori will present pairings from Tuscany





and More!


Let’s pour the wine and start the conversation about your dream vacation to Italy!


Cheese from Tuscany region.

Come be curious! Visit my travel blog.

February 17th
7-9 PM

Cost for food is $10.00


Buy Now Button

Brunello di Montalcino, Casanova di Neri   Rosso di Montalcino, Casanova di Neri  Barbera d' Alba, Franco Rocca Barbera d' Asti, Rocco dell' Olmo

Brunello di Montalcino, Casanova di Neri
Rosso di Montalcino, Casanova di Neri
Barbera d’ Alba, Franco Rocca
Barbera d’ Asti, Rocco dell’ Olmo

Buon Appetito!


The photos speak for themselves!

Click here for photos of Italy.

Address:  Will be provided upon payment through Paypal.
Event hosted in private home located just South of  Wm. Cannon.
Near Manchaca & Dittmar in South Austin

See you there! 


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To Italy and Back: New Side Business

Hi everyone! You may have noticed  that this past month seems like things have been a little quiet here on FB.

I’ve been on vacation, taking the much needed time to re-charge and refuel for the upcoming busy estate sale season. I usually take time off around the holidays and in January, since it’s typically a slow time of year for estate sales.

I want to tell you about my vacation and how it’s turning into a small, side business for me!

Don’t worry, Amber Ostrich isn’t going anywhere!

In fact, I’m working on a few upcoming projects and will be announcing them soon enough. So it won’t be long before you’ll be heading on over to an Amber Ostrich estate sale. I am holding down my corner of the Austin vintage and antique market.

But more on my new side business venture.

As many of you may know, I love Italy. I mean I really LOVE it.

I visited Italy for the first time a few years ago and simply fell in love with the people, the food, the views, and of course, the history and culture.

When I travel to Italy I become transformed and learn to love life and the way of life in Italy.

m deb under tuscan sun NO legs

I want to share with you my experiences, and if  YOU need to re-charge, or re-fuel, then come to Italy, and I will show you how YOU too can fall in love with yourself all over again.

I have set up a new website  for customized travel with an emphasis on personal enrichment. I am available to begin helping customers plan for their 2014 Spring/Summer/Fall Italian Experience.

While in Italy, just a few of the fun activities I’ve been up to:

Eating lots of delicious food:



Visiting with friends: with Bill, Lynore, Lliam and Siena Soffer hiking Mt Etna in Sicily.

soffer family on mt etna sicly 2014Truffle hunting:

truffleAnd enjoying the beautiful countryside: fresh crisp air and views


castleThere is so much to experience in Italy. And you can see more on my new website, Italy Unfiltered. Let me be your personal guide during your travels in Italy. Please get in touch if you’re interested!

Contact Deb for travel to Italy.




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