Castle Hill Estate Sale in Historic, Downtown Austin Tons of #Vintage

Calling all estate sale shoppers! May I have your attention please!! Our estate sale in Castle Hill this weekend is a must shop estate sale!!

This house is listed as a historic landmarkand is near downtown.  The estate owners lived here for generations. You can see the Austin skyline from the back porch.

Not only is there a house, but also an apartment out back.

This estate sale is great for dealers and vintage lovers. There are some really unique items here, like the Austin skyline photos (featured in my last blog post); a funky vintage bench; metal Coca Cola signs and trays; vintage kitchen kitsch; a modest bit of vintage clothing and aprons; cool artwork; original artwork by Texas artists, wooden crafts; a baby grand piano; funky furniture; vintage glass soda bottles;  a six-foot tall Gulf Oil sign; Quaker Oil signs, vintage canvas lawn chairs (they are VERY well made and in great shape); an old red bicycle;  a six foot tall wooden tiki, books, including Texana, toy trucks; and all the tidbits that make our Amber Ostrich estate sales memorable and fun to shop!

You’ve got to see this crazy Gulf Oil sign. It’s a rare piece of vintage that will be perfect for just the right collection.


It’s hard to describe the amount of variety in this house folks. Many times, estate owners have one or two specific hobbies, but it seems that these owners were pretty typical Austinites, eclectic, diverse and unique in their interests.

They loved Austin and there is plenty of Austin history in the home.

jail mug-M


Aside from Austin and vintage metal, we’ve got some collectible, classic children’s toys and books.



ozLove this vintage red bicycle!



This table is spectacular!

tableHey, if there’s no one around to play checkers with, then just play Solitaire!



We’ve also got great vintage kitchen items. Even got a vintage coffee urn. Remember those from Sunday potlucks?

kitechen coffe red-M

There is tons more, this is definitely a “don’t miss” estate sale. Starts this Friday, March 28-30. It’s a packed three-day sale!

Check out more photos here.

Address and Hours:

Friday March 28th, 10-3

Saturday March 29th, 9-3

Sunday March 30th, 10-2

1106 West 10th,  Austin TX  78703


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