Castle Hill Estate Sale Holds Historic Austin Skyline Photos

Austinites love their skyline and our current estate sale owners were no different. Living on the edge of downtown, this Austinite took photos of the skyline from his rooftop widows peak, and turned them into art.

We have multiples of these pieces of art, made from real photographs, resin and backed with plywood,  in great condition,  classic historic photos encased and ready to hang in a new home.

Check them out:

IMG_7154Here are some up close shots.



These photos span just under 20 years of the Austin skyline, from 1985-2004. It’s a vintage Austin treasure!


IMG_7172 (1)

The estate sale is going to be held this weekend, March 28-30 in Castle Hill, near downtown off Lamar. There is vintage galore, plenty of original artwork, international items, books, antiques, decor and more! This is a don’t miss sale. We will post the address and hours, as usual, a few days before the sale. Keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more updates!

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