South Austin Estate Sale Starts Friday Sept 16th, 2016



Tons of Vintage, and great outdoor furniture and garden items, all priced to sell at this 3-day Sale. see link below for more info.

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NOLA LP’s, Vintage Clothing Galore; DIY Halloween Costumes & More, Starts Friday

Hey there Amber Ostrich shoppers! Have we got an estate sale for you! Just in time to enjoy a shopping excursion in this beautiful fall weather. The Austin forecast is supposed to be in the mid-eighties all weekend. It’s going to be gorgeous!

Let me tell you about this estate sale. Our clients live in Westlake, but they are pure Austin! With an eclectic sense of style and humor, these clients are selling off decades of vintage clothing collections, LP’s, furniture, artwork, household and kitchen items, ephemera and kitsch! You’ve got to come on out and see this place! Not only will you have fun shopping, but you’ll want to see this nice property. It is complete, with a secluded driveway and Barbie shooting gallery!

Let’s start with the clothing. We’ve been showing it off all week long on our social media networks, there are tons more pictures. Make sure you check them out with the links at the bottom of the post.

blackhat blackfeathersDon’t let the Barbie shooting range fool ya. Our client is a woman with style, grace and class. She has a multitude of elegant clothing in her collection.

You can check out more photos of the clothing here.

She also has a great sense of humor and loves to have fun!

For many years now, she and a group of her friends have dressed up for Halloween as a group. They have been Girl Scouts, Geishas, Rockettes, Waitresses, Bridesmaids, Roller Derby Girls, Flight Attendants, among other things.

The costume below was baffling to me,  so I checked with her and she explained.
This costume is a takeoff of the Kilgore Rangerettes. She and her friends went as the Directors of the Flamettes. Fun!



Not our client. An actual Rangerette.

We’ve got tons more cool clothing, so make sure you check out the photos. But we’ve got so much more, so onward and upward!

This sale does not have a lot of furniture, but you know I have to showcase this vintage mid-century modern dresser. It’s certainly going to be an item of interest at this sale.

mcmAs you can see, on top, there is a really fun piece of artwork. It is a lighted wall hanging. (Hey, that would go great with the dresser, don’tcha think?) We’ve also got a bunch of really wild pieces of art. Artwork makes a great Christmas present for that hard-to-buy-for family member, hint, hint.

Gotta love anything reminiscent of Andy Warhol.

Gotta love anything reminiscent of Andy Warhol.

Hey, speaking of Christmas, yep, you guessed it, we’ve got some fun vintage Christmas items too!


This is just a smattering of what’s there, folks. But rest assured, this is going to be a fun-filled downsizing sale! Can’t wait to see everyone!

Hello? Is this thing on??

Hello? Is this thing on??

Address: 990 Live Oak Circle, West Lake Hills, 78746.

Off Red Bud Trail and or West Lake Drive. Suggest mapping before driving, as GPS is limited in the hills.


  • Friday: 10-3
  • Saturday: 9-1

REMEMBER Cash & Carry

Be sure to check out the photos on Smug Mug. And as always, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and now, Instagram!

You know I can't resist a good doll head.

You know I can’t resist a good doll head.


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Vintage Styles: Using Vintage Clothing in Today’s Fashion

Here at AO Estate Sales, we see a lot of vintage clothing. It’s one of the more fun parts about the job. We had an estate sale last fall where the estate owner had saved what seemed like all of her clothing for her entire adult life. Remember there were over four decades worth, she even had some of her childhood clothing as well.

This outfit was from that amazing estate sale in Pflugerville. Remember the tents filled with clothing?

In the photo below, both pieces are vintage, but you can see how it would be easy to follow one of the first rules of wearing vintage clothing, which is, to pair vintage with current styles.

I can see this top with a pair of jeans or casual slacks. And the skirt would go nicely with a loose blouse or even a cute tank top.

Vintage green business casual with V-striped skirt. Vintage green business casual with V-striped skirt.

Vintage green business casual with V-striped skirt.

Well, our upcoming estate sale NEXT WEEKEND, right here in Austin has a TON of vintage clothing. And many of these pieces are quite amazing! Our clients, The estate owners are a fun loving couple with eclectic tastes.

To be sure, our client LOVES black. She has many classic black items, but not to worry, there IS some color mixed in there. We have over 200 pieces of vintage items at this upcoming estate sale. You will for sure find something. We ain’t cryin’ wolf!

Isn't this absolutely fabulous, dahling?

Isn’t this absolutely fabulous, dahling?


Without the beehive hairdo, this is a sweet summer dress. Pair it with a fashionable belt and some cute sandals. Good to go!

Without the beehive hairdo, this is a sweet summer dress. Pair it with a fashionable belt and some cute sandals. Good to go!

This piece is shockingly satisfying. Pair it with some jeans and a camisole.

This piece is shockingly satisfying. Pair it with some jeans and a camisole.

Another beautiful summer dress. Pair it with some stylish shoes. Or go barefoot. This is Austin, after all

Another beautiful summer dress. Pair it with some stylish shoes. Or go barefoot. This is Austin, after all

Rules of Wearing Vintage Clothing 

  1. Pair vintage items with current styles. No need to wear vintage head to toe. Pair a vintage top with some jeans. Or a vintage skirt with a classic style.
  2. Start small. When you first start wearing vintage, choose an accessory first. Dip your toe in the vintage waters.
  3. Stay true to your style. But don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know what you might like.
  4. Know that sizing has changed over the generations. Try on everything if it looks like it fits and don’t worry about what the tag says.

Wearing Vintage Clothing Is Fun!  

Now that you understand the basics of vintage clothing, be sure and check out our upcoming estate sale next weekend, Sept. 26-27. We have over 200 pieces of vintage clothing. The styles are classic, elegant, and fun.

This is going to be a really fun VINTAGE estate sale, folks. Our clients are an dare I say, a bit of a wild and wacky pair. For fun they keep an antique car with mannequins in their driveway to dress up for gatherings and holidays! They even have a Barbie BB Gun shooting gallery for parties! LOL. They have been collectors of vintage for 20+ yrs and are now downsizing. Time to pass on some of their collections!

You know you can’t go wrong with clients like that! Hope to see you there!

debmannequins - EditedFor updates, Like us Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest. Check us out on Instagram. Or just sign up for email updates. You’ll get the address and estate sale times right in your inbox! (Address to be posted next week.)

You can also check out more photos of this estate sale on our Smug Mug account. Keep checking back for more updates!


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Mid-Year Reflection On Estate Sales in Austin

Some people like to wait until the end of the year to reflect back, but somehow, this seems a good time for me as we enter into the summer, which is typically my busiest estate sale season of the year. This year, I’m going to be gone from Austin for part of the summer. But don’t forget me! I’ll be back soon and rarin’ to go!

We’ve had a really fun year so far and last year was great too! I was just thinking about how many interesting vintage estates we’ve seen, met some really cool Realtors (who knew Realtors could be cool??), and followed some of our estate sale items into their new lives. Yeah, that’s one of the things that’s satisfying about vintage items, they seem to take on a life of their own. And I got to hear some really cool stories of how estate sale shoppers bought the estate sale homes as a result of Amber Ostrich. Hearing these stories is like icing on the cake of my amazing job!

Just about this time last year we had the most amazing vintage estate sale I have ever seen. It was an the All Killer, No Filler estate sale in east Travis Heights, very traditional old-school Austin. This house was filled to the brim with new-old-stock. Tons of great vintage from late night television purchases and tons of it still unused in boxes. Along with the vintage as-seen-on-TV items, we had this killer three piece turquoise sectional with boat fiberglass bubble backs. It was one of the most fun sales we have ever had!


Later on in 2013, we held a stellar vintage estate sale in Pflugerville, remember this one was so worth the drive? This sale had tons of cool Tupperware AND an amazing selection of vintage clothing from at least four decades! We had a blast with this one and many of our favorite shoppers came out and had their fill of vintage everything.



No sooner was that one over and we were back in Tarrytown (one of my favorite spots to hold an estate sale) where our estate was filled with vintage Christmas, Western items and gobs and gobs of vintage material and other sewing implements.



Right before Christmas, AO held the Fred Webster estate sale. Little did I know how much adventure I would have when I signed this contract! I ended up learning so much more about the estate and the new owner than usual! (Keep reading…)



After that estate sale, I took a little time to nurture my budding side business, which has sprouted due to my love of Italy. Check me out truffle hunting!


It wasn’t long after that when I was able to follow along with some back stories from previous estate sales. Here’s Shaylene Spaniola, a shopper and owner of Bunglo, sitting on a vintage sofa that she purchased at our estate sale and then refurbished to re-sell.



In between all these fun estate sales and stories, we held more estate sales, filled with amazing vintage. And then we had some really cool stories to share. I LOVE it when shoppers tell me a great story! It’s one of the reasons I love this business so much.

First off, we had this amazing story of kismet and how a newbie estate sale shopper ended up buying the house she entered. And then another story of how one of our regular estate sale shoppers found the home of her dreams by seeing the doors of the house on Amber Ostrich’s Facebook page.

Check out the stories of Maureen Milligan and Katie Pixley and the home purchases of their dreams, all because of Amber Ostrich!


Maureen Milligan purchased the Fred Webster home.

These last two stories are by far my favorites of the year and I’d love to hear more! Feel free to contact me if you have any great stories from your experience at one of our estate sales. (It’s never too late!)

I love this business. We’ve had a great year and plan on having another great estate sale season. So stay tuned!

Also, don’t forget to sign up for my email list so you can be updated on any new estate sales. And finally, if you’re looking to have an estate sale, you know where to find me. Right here!

Contact Deb.

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Epic Estate Sale in Shoal Creek Austin Texas: Vintage Clothing, Aggies, Texana, Cookbooks, Birds, Woodworking and MORE!

You won’t believe what we have at this EPIC estate sale starting tomorrow y’all! I’ve been sweating my butt off in Shoal Creek for the past few weeks, readying our latest estate sale for shoppers and this weekend. Even with graduation ceremonies to attend, this one is worth checking out! Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a graduation present for your favorite grad?

It’s very possible because this is one of those estate sales that literally has something for everyone. As you can see from the post title, we have a ton of various genres at this estate sale. We’ve got: Texas, cowboy boots, western shirts, Texana, cookbooks, including Texas-centric cookbooks, and Aggies. We’ve got vintage clothing, including western wear, but also plenty of other cute stuff! Cute girls’s dresses and shirts, women’s wear, sweaters, prom dresses, shoes, and more!

We’ve got ceramics and original artwork. Artist supplies, over 200 new paint brushes, pastels and pads etc. We’ve got jewelry and hand crafted curios from our estate owners. There are collectible ceramic chickens and roosters (no short supply on those!) Breyer horses. We’ve got Star Wars and Charlie’s Angels collectible trading cards.

There are vintage Christmas ornaments; classic children’s books; woodcarving knives and other pocket knives; collectibles from Germany. AND we’ve got a FULL cook’s kitchen, plus a garage FULL of outdoor garden tools lawnmowers etc.,  patio furniture, and garden pots,  fishing rods and reels, gun reloading supplies and much more.

There’s so much to show you, you definitely need to check out our photos (links at the end of the post).

But without further ado, here are a few groovey items for sale this weekend! IMHO

Plenty of cute western wear. We’ve got a ton of mens cowboy boots and other items. Check out this adorable horse shirt. Sized for a young girl or a skinny adult, this cutie pie will be sure to please any horse-lovin’ gal!

The front of the shirt. The back has a horse stitched on it.

The front of the shirt. The back has a horse stitched on it.

Our estate owner was a wood worker whittler, and as his daughter put it, “always comfortable with a knife in hand.” He had an extensive knife collection, filled with various types of wood-working tools and pocket knives.


We’ve got a TON of jewelry.


Need a rug? Want a rug? We’ve got a rug for you!

rugs multi cloro lwan mc-MTwo, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Aggies, Aggies, GOOOO Aggies!

IMG_8052I know how much folks love cookbooks. And this estate sale has ‘em! Over 200!


Antique tins are always awesome.


And we’ve got some really great original artwork at this estate sale.

art mc ships port-MThere’s a ton more stuff, click here to see more photos. And also find updates on our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for. The address!!

3201 McElroy just off Anderson Lane and Mopac. Very close to Norcross Mall. Easy to find. Please map it, since we are limited to the number of signs we can post in the neigborhood.


  • Friday, June 6: 10-3pm
  • Saturday, June 7: 9-3pm
  • Sunday, June 8: 10-2

See you there!


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Another Epic Amber Ostrich Estate Sale: Something for Everyone in Shoal Creek!

Estate sale lovers, we aim to please here at AO Estate Sales this upcoming estate sale in Shoal Creek will NOT disappoint! This house is packed full of wonderful collectibles, practical items, trinkets, vintage clothing, handcrafted items. Read on, and you’ll find out. This estate is a dream!

Walking through this house is like stepping back in time as you forage through years and years of living. Purchased in 1975. From a generation of Aggies, our estate owner was a life-long Austinite, raising his family in Austin and spending his retirement years here with his wife, who was an artist. Fred Hartman worked for the state and in his golden years took up woodcarving as a hobby. He and his wife worked together to carve and paint handcrafted curios, which they gave out as gifts to friends and family. But luckily, we still have many of them to sell and make available to you at our upcoming estate sale.

Fred’s daughter, Linda, said that her father (like a true Texan) was always “comfortable with a knife in hand.” He loved knives and had an extensive collection of varying types including pocket knives. Working with hands on these hand carved items was just a natural extension of his personality, she said.


IMG_7900Fred and his wife worked on these curios together. He carved them from patterns and she painted them. Linda said that her dad loved cowboys, but many of his carvings were made from her mother’s picks. She loved birds and together they also made many hummingbird carvings as well.

Along with the wood carvings, we also have for sale the original wood carving supplies with all the knives and tools needed for this activity!


Linda’s mother’s bird collection extended throughout the home, much of her bird collection was in these great vintage ceramic birds often seen in kitchens.


We are still unearthing items and taking photos. This is just the tip of the iceberg! We’ve got more really cool photos to come. Like this sweet vintage set of book ends.


We’ve also got vintage Christmas ornaments; Texas inspired cookbooks, Holly Hobbie, Dr. Seuss and other classic children’s books; ceramics; many books including Texana, artwork; a cool Coca Cola temperature gauge; original artwork, and antique art and photos, tons and tons of classic & vintage jewelry; collectible Star Wars and Charlie’s Angels bubble gum trading cards (the ones with the puzzles on the back); 1970s kitschy artwork; vintage bolo ties and carved ones too; decorative crosses; Aggieland yearbooks; antique golf clubs; German travel and souvenir books; German steins; even a pair of authentic, vintage Lederhosen; ladies vintage clothing; old school jackets; western wear; cowboy boots, hats, leather belts; and lastly we’ve got a full cook’s kitchen. Now onto the GARAGE. Let’s just say it is also FULL! Including  lawn mowers; patio furnitture, and garden items, pocket knives; fishing rods and reels, gun reloading supplies; wood carver’s tools; and much more we are still unearthing. PHEW!


SEE??? Something for EVERYONE!

Be sure to watch for us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (follow the Upcoming Sale: Stuff You Can Buy board for newly posted estate sale items). We’ll be posting more photos over the next week. The address will be announced next Thursday. This estate sale is happening June 6, 7, and 8. If you’d like to get an email announcing all the details of the sale, be sure to sign up here for my newsletter, which is NEVER spammy!

Can’t wait to see everyone!




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The Brady House Sale: Amber Ostrich Estate Sale Detective/Shopper Buys It Using AO Photos and Luck

The Austin real estate market is so hot. For houses that are highly desirable, you really have to do some serious detective work. Today, I have a story about a home sale that was all facilitated through the Amber Ostrich Facebook page Before the home was even listed, it had an offer all because of AO!

Do you remember the house we nicknamed “the Brady house” last fall?
deb-red-doorOne of our shoppers, Katie Pixley, bought it, all because of those bright double doors she saw on Facebook.


This home had it all: sunken living room, shag carpet, stone fireplace, vintage pool, huge shady oak trees in the yard. It was, as the listing agent Courtney Oldham, put it, “stepping back in time.”

And some how, Katie Pixley knew it, just from seeing the doors on the Amber Ostrich Facebook page. Katie said her partner’s Facebook friend had liked the post on Amber Ostrich and when she saw the photo of the red doors in her newsfeed they knew immediately that they needed to see the inside of the house.

The story of how they came to find the home is a fantastic tale, filled with intrigue, detective work and good old fashioned luck. Settle in folks and listen to this story.

They were hoping to find the perfect home. A desire to move from new construction condo to a 50s-60s style, vintage home with a big yard and character led them to the home on Waterline.

After Katie’s partner saw the photo of the house online, the couple began searching for vintage homes in Austin’s real estate market. They GUESSED at the potential location of the home based on age and style. Then found another home in that same area, that was listed as a home with “mid-century charm.” It turned out not to be the home they were looking for and eventually purchased, BUT it was in the same neighborhood. Her intuition proved right on, because after Katie drove by the listed home, she happened to find the Brady house just around the corner!

Talk about destiny. It seems this home and its new owners were meant to be. After only 24 hours of searching. Fate, destiny, luck, whatever it was, it brought them together. Katie said when she saw the red double doors along with the Amber Ostrich estate sale sign, she knew immediately it was the home they had been searching for. “I could not believe I somehow stumbled on this home without knowing the address or anything. I was so excited. I felt like I had just found a unicorn,” Katie said. 

Two days after stumbling upon their dream home, Katie and her partner lined up for the first day of the  estate sale, hoping not so much for treasures, but wanting to get an eye on the inside of the house.

“We’re a little bit of  estate sale junkies, so we know the drill,” she said.

After they looked through the house and peeked into the rooms marked “staff only,” Katie said they knew the house would be theirs. They put in an offer a few hours later.

Currently, Katie and her partner are living in an apartment while the house is under construction. They’ll move in this fall. They are keeping the house as close to its original state as possible.

“The goal for us is to keep this home as true to its original (state) as possible,” she said. “We still look at this home and still can’t believe it’s actually ours.”

She also bought this oh-so-sweet vintage aluminum Christmas tree at the Fred Webster estate.


Katie sent me this photo of the aluminum tree she used last Christmas. This fall, she’ll be moving into the home after it’s been remodeled and the tree will have its permanent home.


It’s so cool when things come full circle.

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Courtney Oldham, Realtor, Long Time Amber Ostrich Friend: An AO Shopper Profile

courtneyHere at Amber Ostrich Estate Sales, we have many shoppers who are business owners and come to our estate sales to buy for their businesses.

This shopper profile is part of installation of a blog series about our shoppers who are also business owners.

Realtor Courtney Oldham and I go back a long way. We met years ago before I started as an estate sale company owner, when I was working as a massage therapist. She was a client at the salon. She has followed Amber Ostrich Estate Sales from the very beginning and has always been a loyal fan.

Not only that, Courtney has a connection to my last blog post about Maureen Milligan, who bought the Fred Webster estate sale home. After I posted the last blog post, I chatted with Courtney and she said she actually represented Milligan in the purchase of the home! What a coincidence!

Oldham has a connection to another of our estate sales, she was the listing agent for our estate sale home on Waterline, our estate sale titled, “From the Bradys to the Eighties.” This was the red door home that everyone fell in love with. And the funny thing is, I have a great story to tell about the couple who bought that home. That’s coming in next week’s blog post.

One of the things I’ve noticed since being in the estate sale business is that Realtors are a special breed of people. A good Realtor likes to help other people. That’s what it really takes to make a good real estate agent. And Courtney Oldham has that extra special side to her. Being a Realtor isn’t just about helping someone find a home to buy or listing a house for sale, Oldham said, it’s about helping them transition.

“If you’ve got a servant’s heart, that’s what it takes to make a good Realtor,” she said.

Oldham sticks with her clients through time. One of her favorite client stories is about one client, Claire, who Oldham sold her bachelorette pad and her now-husband’s bacholor pad. Then she helped them buy their first home together. Once they had a child, she helped them sell that home, then buy a bigger home.

“That’s the role I like to play. I’m there to help you throughout your whole life,” Oldham said.

But she’s not just a Realtor. She’s an Amber Ostrich shopper too. Oldham happened to be at the Fred Webster estate sale and knew all about the home when she got the call from Milligan. Her sister was in town and loves birds. She said she knew they had to hit up that sale because of the flora and fauna aspect of the home. So when Milligan called her about the house, she said she knew all about it. Small world, eh?

There were multiple offers on the table, but Oldham knew just how to get Milligan that special edge and she asked her to write a letter to the sellers. She said that writing a letter is just one way to get that extra edge up above the competition in home buying, which is fierce right now in Austin.

“Selling a home is a very emotional experience,” she said. “The seller often wants to know that (the person who buys) they care as equally and deeply as they did (about the home).”

Helping buyers isn’t the only area of expertise Oldham has, she is also an aggressive seller. She says that many Realtors are leaving a lot of money on the table when home selling and right now in Austin, it isn’t uncommon to get much more than the asking price. She also sold Milligan’s former home and they received $20,000 over the asking price. Oldham says that the majority of her recent home sales have all gone over the asking price.

“That’s not an accident.”

Courtney Oldham is a Realtor/Broker for Keller Williams. You can check out her website here at:




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Estate Sale Shopper Falls in Love with House, Becomes New Owner!


On the front porch of her new home, with the much loved and noted Flamingo mailbox.

It was a typical Saturday afternoon for Maureen Milligan of Austin, Texas. She was driving down Burnet hitting up her regular weekend haunts when she came across an Amber Ostrich estate sale sign. At first she didn’t want to stop, having never been to an estate sale before, she said she thought it would be formal, like an auction house.

But then, “something made me go back,” she said.

Milligan followed the signs twisting and turning until she came to the estate sale and when she entered the home and began examining the items for sale, she began to feel an honorable connection to them.

“I felt this great respect for them (the previous owners),” Milligan said.

Shortly after, she contacted the Realtor in charge of the home’s sale with a phone call. A month later, she found herself in a bidding war for the home she felt so strongly connected to.

Fred and Marie Webster were original Austinites, having lived in the home on Strass for over 50 years. They loved nature and in that way were similar to many of the current Austinites.

They also felt very close to their community. Marie’s brother, Fred’s brother-in-law, Fred Sternenberg and his wife were executors of the estate. Sternenberg said his sister and brother-in-law were very active in the community and loved the environment.

“They were aware of the environment and the needs of other people,” he said. The Websters were active in their church and charity organizations.

“They were not too different than the people I see in Austin today,” Sternenberg said. “They were involved in the lives of other people.”

Fred Webster was a UT professor and published author. He wrote non-fiction accounts of his work in the bird watching community. Fred and Marie spent much of their lives working with birds along the Texas coast, Brownsville, and into the Mexican mountains near El Cielo. The Websters escorted tour groups down to Mexico in order to study the flora and fauna in the Mexican mountains, even working with the Mexican government to provide housing and roads to get in to the areas they wished to study.


Fred Webster first book was about these adventures, named The Road to El Cielo: Mexico’s Forest in the Clouds. He also wrote fiction mystery novels, but most of his books were themed with birds, bird watching or nature.

Milligan wasn’t even actively looking for a new home when she happened upon the Webster’s home. She had been saying for five years or more that she would like to buy a new home. But when she came to the Amber Ostrich estate sale, Milligan knew it was going to be HER new home.

IMG_7485As she searched through the house buying things from the Webster estate, she began to feel as if she knew the Websters in some way. She bought several items from the estate sale. Some artwork, a cigar box nightlight with a bird on it, and books.

One of the items she bought was a painting with a Kentucky Warbler. This held a special meaning for Milligan. A few years ago in 2011, during the Bastrop fires, Milligan said she came upon a Kentucky Warbler in real life. It was disoriented, probably from the fires, and she was able to hold it for a little while until it flew away. When she saw the painting, she remembered that moment and knew she had to have the painting. Just like the home.

Milligan said her connection to the Webster home wasn’t just about the house, but about them and their things. An animal lover herself, she knew she would find peace in their home. And so far, she says, she has.


Sitting in the back garden area, of her new home.

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An AO Estate Sale: Taxidermy & Teacups; Deer Mounts & Dolls

Please note

This is a 2-DAY Sale, which starts on SATURDAY


This weekend we’ve got another fabulous Amber Ostrich estate sale down in South Austin. Yippee!

This one is a mix of some classic vintage, older antiques, some great collectibles and other interesting  items.

First up we’ve got tons of taxidermy at this sale. Stuffed mounts and skulls for the specialist. For those who like this sort of thing we’ve got antlers, rams heads, fish mounts, bleached skulls etc. To be honest there are  a few things we can’t exactly identify. I can’t wait to find out from our collectors what some of these are!

ram s hormns-M

Ummm, dinosaur???

Ummm, dinosaur???


big bassss

For our vintage lovers, we have some pretty cool vintage pieces that are pretty cool. There are two sets of Woodard patio furniture in mint condition.

Vintage Woodard wrought iron patio table and chairs.

Vintage Woodard wrought iron patio table and chairs.


Vintage Woodard chaise loungers with wrought iron tables.

Vintage Woodard chaise loungers with wrought iron tables.

Doll lovers are sure to find something of interest in this collection of cuties.

stuff animals etc-M cloth dolls basket


dolls naked-M

We’ve also got some classic furniture and kitsch.

small foot stool-L

skalers pilgrim-M

As usual, we’ll have the garage packed and there are some great tools.

Edelmann tools.

Edelmann tools.

So come on out! This is a two-day sale folks. We’ll run Saturday and Sunday.

Naturally, I’ll be there.



To see more photos of this eclectic estate, visit our Smug Mug and also you can find more updates on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, follow our Upcoming Sales: Stuff You Can Buy board for current sale items. If you like getting email updates, we do that too! Sign up on the page that says I Like To Shop Estate Sales.

Address and hours:

4523 Frontier Trail, Austin TX 78745

Take Manchaca South from Ben White, and just before you get to Lansing and before Jones Rd, we are on the RIGHT, (West) side of the street. Drive down Frontier Trail to Nevada, we are the home on the corner.

CASH & Carry

  • Saturday: 9-3
  • Sunday 11-2



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