From the Bradys to the Eighties PAST SALE

Well folks, as promised, we are announcing our next estate sale. Coming up fast, on the weekend of Feb. 15-16.

This sale is going to be one of those where you wish you had brought more cash. So come prepared.

We’ve got tons of great vintage 60s, 70s and 80s, also a lot of to-die-for artwork.

This is the estate of a former optometrist, so the oddity at this sale is a great selection of designer frames.

Austin Estate sales

Over 100 designer frames.

I did a quick count and we have over 100 designer frames from Mario Martinelli, Fendi, Kate Spade, Prodesign Denmark,  Nine West and more. These are super funky awesome and all in like new condition.

But there’s so much more at this sale. This estate has a typical Brady Bunch feel throughout the house. And it goes from 70s young Brady to older Brady into the 1980s.

The furniture:

Austin Estate sales

Eight-foot long MCM sofa

Austin Estate Sales

Green striped retro funky chair.

The artwork:


Austin Estate Sales

Eighties skier

Austin Estate Sales

Eighties fashion:

Austin Estate Sales

1980s canvas slouch bag

Along with the funky furniture and amazing artwork, this is a sale for the crafty bunch.

Get your retro sewist on at this sale! We’ve got a Necchi sewing machine, thread, materials, patterns, and all the fixings to go with. We’ve even got a vintage Snoopy pin cushion.

Austin Estate Sales

Necchi sewing machine

Austin Estate Sales

Vintage sewing patterns

This estate sale also has a great selection of vintage clothing! Great stuff for women, men and children. All in good shape.

Austin Estate Sales

Vintage red blouse.

There is so much more and we’ll be updating again here, next week, along with our Facebook page, and on Twitter and Pinterest. So check us out on all our social media networks.

If you’d like to get emails about our sales (I promise never to spam or sell your email), please click the I Like to Shop Estate Sales tab on the website.

Check out more photos from the upcoming sale here.

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