Come Shop the Brady House!

PAST SALE……..Well folks, it’s here. From the Bradys to the Eighties, this weekend our jam packed vintage estate is ready for you to shop and we are rarin’ to go!

This house is not actually the Brady Bunch home, just thought I should clarify. But it sure does look it from the outside! And the inside too.

We’ve got a really great selection of vintage clothing in this estate. Tons of stuff from kids to women’s and men’s clothing.

Austin Estate Sales

Vintage girls' red coat with matching hat.

Vintage designer wear, Miss Elliette of California.

Austin Estate Sales

Miss Elliette of California, complete with lovely elephant sleeves.

Not only do we have great vintage treasures in the clothing selection, but our crafty crowd will love this sale!

Austin Estate Sales

Vintage needlepoint.

Along with various vintage crafting, we’ve got a lovely Necchi sewing machine, a cute Snoopy pin cushion, tons of fabric and thread, crafty organizing cases, knitting needles, patterns and other vintage odds and ends.

Up next, to go with that vintage dress or craft box, we’ve got 3 purses from the 1920s-1940s.

Austin Estate Sales

Vintage mesh wire purse with metal coin inset.

We’ve also got some Weller pottery in this lot. This sale is not only vintage, but ANTIQUES too. Lots of Great stuff!

Austin Estate Sales

Weller pottery

Jumping out of the vintage box and into the modern design box, we’ve also got over 100 designer glasses frames. Designers like Prodesign Denmark, Kate Spade, Mario Martinelli and Fendi. This estate’s owner was an ophthalmologist, so these frames are all like new!

Austin Estate sales

Over 100 designer frames.

As usual, there’s just too much to mention. Check out photos on our Smug Mug account.

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