Back to the Land of Estate Sales

For most of the month of January, I traveled to Italy, it’s an indulgence I allow myself due to an otherwise non-stop work schedule the rest of the year.

I love it here, It's heaven on earth.

But I’m back and it’s full steam ahead, we have a great line-up of sales coming soon!

While in Sicily, I was still somewhat working, hitting up Italian flea markets and getting ideas for my own sales.

In Catania, I set my alarm for an early start to the ‘Sunday only’ flea market just off of via Etnea.

Italian tiles.

I was traveling under my own self-imposed rule of one suitcase only,  so I was very limited in what I would allow myself to buy. I was in search of something fun, unique, small and non-fragile.

Unfortunately, these tiles and pottery although great looking and reasonably priced, did not fit any of the above requirements for returning with me back to Texas.

What did I actually buy?

A thermometer with the Pope and a Pic of the Vatican!

A fun and FUNCTIONAL item, small and compact, vintage and light weight. Oh and a bargain at only 2 Euros!

Also found these vintage matches with dogs on the covers, the sulfur for the match heads is from Mt. Etna.

And naturally, since I was, after all, on vacation, I enjoyed some wine tasting.

Pouring wine in Italy is a fine art.

Of course, y’all know me. I can’t avoid work for a whole month. I did keep up with e-mails etc, in between wine tastings! 

Now I’m back and primed for action! Get ready for our next estate sale coming up the weekend of February 15/16. Details coming soon!

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