Mid-Year Reflection On Estate Sales in Austin

Some people like to wait until the end of the year to reflect back, but somehow, this seems a good time for me as we enter into the summer, which is typically my busiest estate sale season of the year. This year, I’m going to be gone from Austin for part of the summer. But don’t forget me! I’ll be back soon and rarin’ to go!

We’ve had a really fun year so far and last year was great too! I was just thinking about how many interesting vintage estates we’ve seen, met some really cool Realtors (who knew Realtors could be cool??), and followed some of our estate sale items into their new lives. Yeah, that’s one of the things that’s satisfying about vintage items, they seem to take on a life of their own. And I got to hear some really cool stories of how estate sale shoppers bought the estate sale homes as a result of Amber Ostrich. Hearing these stories is like icing on the cake of my amazing job!

Just about this time last year we had the most amazing vintage estate sale I have ever seen. It was an the All Killer, No Filler estate sale in east Travis Heights, very traditional old-school Austin. This house was filled to the brim with new-old-stock. Tons of great vintage from late night television purchases and tons of it still unused in boxes. Along with the vintage as-seen-on-TV items, we had this killer three piece turquoise sectional with boat fiberglass bubble backs. It was one of the most fun sales we have ever had!


Later on in 2013, we held a stellar vintage estate sale in Pflugerville, remember this one was so worth the drive? This sale had tons of cool Tupperware AND an amazing selection of vintage clothing from at least four decades! We had a blast with this one and many of our favorite shoppers came out and had their fill of vintage everything.



No sooner was that one over and we were back in Tarrytown (one of my favorite spots to hold an estate sale) where our estate was filled with vintage Christmas, Western items and gobs and gobs of vintage material and other sewing implements.



Right before Christmas, AO held the Fred Webster estate sale. Little did I know how much adventure I would have when I signed this contract! I ended up learning so much more about the estate and the new owner than usual! (Keep reading…)



After that estate sale, I took a little time to nurture my budding side business, which has sprouted due to my love of Italy. Check me out truffle hunting!


It wasn’t long after that when I was able to follow along with some back stories from previous estate sales. Here’s Shaylene Spaniola, a shopper and owner of Bunglo, sitting on a vintage sofa that she purchased at our estate sale and then refurbished to re-sell.



In between all these fun estate sales and stories, we held more estate sales, filled with amazing vintage. And then we had some really cool stories to share. I LOVE it when shoppers tell me a great story! It’s one of the reasons I love this business so much.

First off, we had this amazing story of kismet and how a newbie estate sale shopper ended up buying the house she entered. And then another story of how one of our regular estate sale shoppers found the home of her dreams by seeing the doors of the house on Amber Ostrich’s Facebook page.

Check out the stories of Maureen Milligan and Katie Pixley and the home purchases of their dreams, all because of Amber Ostrich!


Maureen Milligan purchased the Fred Webster home.

These last two stories are by far my favorites of the year and I’d love to hear more! Feel free to contact me if you have any great stories from your experience at one of our estate sales. (It’s never too late!)

I love this business. We’ve had a great year and plan on having another great estate sale season. So stay tuned!

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