Vintage Tupperware: Remember the Tupperware Party Games?

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We’ve got so much vintage Tupperware at our upcoming estate sale in Pflugerville that I couldn’t help but reminisce about the Tupperware parties I went to as a kid with my mom!


I called up my mom’s friend, Marge, who used to be a Tupperware vendor back in the early days of Tupperware. She reminded me of some of the great party games we used to play. What a hoot!

If you come to our Pflugerville estate sale next weekend (Sept. 27-28), YOU TOO could host your own Tupperware party, complete with vintage party games I’m about to share with you.

Here’s a few tidbits of what we’ve got at the sale.

Jugs and tumblers. NO, not those kind of jugs!

Canisters and bowls, some still in their original packaging! EEK


Salad bowls, cereal bowls, canisters and those awesome juice tumblers!


Marge, back in the Tupperware days.

Okay, now for the nitty gritty. My buddy, Marge, sent me a few detailed descriptions of the party games we used to play. These things are a laugh! And would probably make for fun games at any party today.

#Vintage Tupperware Games

How Much Toilet Paper Do You Need?

Pass a roll of toilet paper around the room. Each guest was asked to take as much toilet paper off the roll as she would need. (“Of course, they think it’s for wiping,” Marge says, with a laugh.) When all have selected their amount, the Tupperware agent would ask all to take their piece and see who chose the closest amount to fit around her waist.

Nickel Between the Knees

Form two teams.  Put two Tupperware tumblers on the opposite side of the room.  Each team leader gets a nickel which she puts between her knees.  Then she walks to the tumbler and drops it in from between her knees. Pass it on to the next in line from your team.  First team done – Wins! (“This one always got a lot of laughs,” Marge says.)

Spoon Down Your Shirt

Form two teams. Take a spoon and tie it to a string. First in line on each team, drops the spoon down inside of her clothes (shirt and pants) the next person grabs the spoon and puts it down her clothes. First team done, Wins!  Clothes can be loosened.  If the string is real long it may pass from person to person, which causes a lot of fun.

Tip from a Tupperware pro: “Props needed for each game had to be simple and easy to pack.”
Marge always carried: toilet paper, nickels and two teaspoons attached to long strings.

If you still need some additional party ideas, here is an original Tupperware Jello mold recipe. Yum!


#Vintage Tupperware Jello mold recipe

Austin Estate Sales

The recipe!

And finally, here’s a link with MORE Tupperware Party Games, check it out:

Tupperware Party Games

If you want to see more photos of our upcoming estate sale, check them out here. And as always, be sure to sign up for email updates so you never miss miss one of our awesome vintage estate sales!

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