Jonna Juul-Hansen: An AO Shopper Business Profile


Jonna Juul-Hansen, realtor for the Fred Webster estate.

Jonna Juul-Hansen, Realtor for the Fred Webster estate.

Here at Amber Ostrich Estate Sales, we have many shoppers who are business owners and come to our estate sales to buy for their businesses.

This shopper profile is part of installation of a blog series about our shoppers who are also business owners.

It’s fun when you get to work in the same neighborhood that you live in. That’s just what Jonna Juul-Hansen does, well, sometimes.

She was the Realtor for one of our clients home, where we hosted a recent Amber Ostrich estate sale, the home of author Fred S. Webster. Jonna also lives in the Shoalmont neighborhood, where she does a lot of business, although, not exclusively.

Shoalmont is one of the HOT neighborhoods in Austin right now.

With a lot of political diversity, as well as age diversity, the 50s-style homes in this neighborhood have both some of its original residents and many new families moving in. Juul-Hansen says she enjoys the neighborhood for many reasons: it’s friendliness, and the eclectic nature of the residents.

She also loves the neighborhood because of the styles of the houses. Ranch style houses with carports, she says, promotes a friendlier neighborhood.

“You have to get out of your car near the street. It makes for a much friendlier way of interacting with your neighbors.”

Juul-Hansen says that one of the great things about older Austin neighborhoods, a reason many of them are so popular, and what makes them so unique is a mix of the type of residents. They are diverse, politically and in age, with a nice mixture of long-term residents and new families moving in, giving a stability to the neighborhoods.

The Webster house sold late last year, right after the Amber Ostrich estate sale. In fact, it sold to an estate sale shopper who happened to come to the sale and fall in love with the house. But Juul-Hansen said she got several offers from people who, “wanted to buy a piece of history.”

 You May Recognize Jonna Juul-Hansen from the Big Screen

One of the fun parts about being an Austinite is that the people here live interesting lives. By day Jonna Juul-Hansen is a Realtor, but she is also an actress. You may have seen her in movies like Oliver Stone’s W, where she played Jan O’Neill, a friend of the Bush’s and in a local film, Mars, she played Kinky Friedman’s wife.

Because of her ties to the creative community Juul-Hansen says she often works in eclectic neighborhoods. And her attitude from working with many creatives allows her to keep an open mind with all types of neighborhoods.

“I work intuitively to guide people to make choices that align with what they want to create with their life…. I enjoy aligning people with their higher purpose with the planet. That is what inspires me.”

You can visit Jonna Juul-Hansen’s website here at

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