This Weekend, Austin Estate Sale in Shoal Creek! Home of Published Author Fred S Webster

Are you ready to come shop this weekend? Our Central Austin, Shoal Creek estate sale is ready and waiting for you!

This estate sale is for the sustainable farmer, urban agriculturist, history buff, Austin-o-phile, natural living types,  book and art lovers.  In short, this estate sale is for progressive Austinites,  and naturally, as usual, there is tons of kitsch and great vintage jewelry.

We also have some really great collectibles, unique, rare finds that history and geography buffs will love. Christmas kitsch and holiday decor and entertaining items are also in this estate sale.

Our estate owners, original Austinites and locals to the Austin area since the early 1900s, were avid nature lovers, readers, and writers. Authors of books, including many University of Texas publications and many autographed books. From a family of beekeepers and  gardeners, our estate owners were well-versed in nature.  This is one of those estate sales that comes full circle, seeing that many of this couple’s pursuits from then, are now becoming popular again.

Aside from their natural pursuits, we have many of our typical standard estate sale wares.

We’ve unearthed some really cool and fun holiday finds. For instance, this fabulous Nativity Scene and some great holidays dishes, platters, gravy boats and the like.

#Vintage creche

#Vintage creche


Holiday cookbooks.

Holiday cookbooks


Holiday cookware

Holiday cookware

To go with our vintage nature lovers theme, we have #vintage Texas farming maps. Many other maps as well. Including TOPO, Secret WWII maps of Japan, and much more.

texas farming map better-SWe also have a rare United States map that shows Texas as an independent republic.

old colored texas map-Sold texas colored map tag info-SThere’s a lot of artwork in this estate sale, much of it is bird-related. But we also have other interesting finds, like this reproduction death mask of the famous poet Keats.

keats death mask-SOur estate owners were avid bird watchers. Among their many bird books and bird portraits, they had tons of these slides from their birding travels.

bird slides lot-SThis is just the tip of the iceberg folks, there is so much more. You can see more photos here on Smug Mug. Also, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, where we post up-to-the-minute updates. And keep you informed about upcoming estate sales.

And now, for the part you’ve really been waiting for, address and hours!

Address: 4926 Strass


Friday, Dec. 6: 10-3

Saturday, Dec. 7: 9-3

Sunday, Dec. 8: 10-2

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2 Responses to This Weekend, Austin Estate Sale in Shoal Creek! Home of Published Author Fred S Webster

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  2. Tom Grismer says:

    Hi, I was looking for info on Fred Webster and found this ad for an estate sale. I imagine it’s too late, but wondered if you sold his slides of birds. If not, know who has them?

    Here’s the link:

    Thanks, Tom Grismer

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