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IMG_6367Fred and Marie Webster would have fit in well with today’s Austinites. Our upcoming estate sale is the former home of an Austin man and woman who delved into many of the pursuits that have made a comeback, beekeeping, tending plants, gardens and writing. They were also avid birdwatchers and art lovers.

This home is filled with artifacts of today’s modern hobbies and for anyone who doesn’t want to just do things with a retro attitude, but really wants to understand the history behind it all, this estate sale is for you!


Fred and Marie Webster were married in 1951, and came to live in Austin from Lockhart, Tx, where her parents were successful bee keepers, with a honey business, Sterenenberg Brothers Honey Producers, started in 1914. Marie married a man who shared the same sensibilities as her father. Fred Webster and his wife were avid naturalists in life, in their enjoyment of art, and in their writings.


IMG_6243About Our Estate Owners

Fred Webster penned three mysteries, a (slightly) fictional war story, and co-authored two autobiographical travel books with Marie. The two were bird and travel lovers, many the books and items at this sale reflect both loves.


Readers, writers, nature lovers, and sustainable living enthusiasts. Looking around the estate you can tell that they spent their entire lives immersing themselves in the things they loved. Their home is a reflection of the history they lived and the natural beauty of the wildlife they enjoyed.

Both of the Websters also wrote for Audubon Field Notes (now American Birding Association).

This upcoming Austin estate sale planned for Dec. 6,7, and 8 will be sure to give you lots to think about if you are a budding naturalist, sustainable farmer, beekeeper, or bird lover/watcher.

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Have a great Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, everyone. See you soon!


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