Tarrytown, A Vintage, Crafty, Christmas, & Western Estate Sale

Amazing neon #vintage poster.

Amazing neon #vintage poster.

Upcoming on the heels of ACL, Amber Ostrich is hosting a very, merry VINTAGE Crafty Christmas Estate Sale in Tarrytown!

We’re calling this estate sale the Endless Summer, because it’s an endless stream of more great vintage finds.

Yep, perfect for this time of year. With the holidays coming up, you can stock up on vintage, and holiday gifts for the whole family.

Lots of really interesting and unique items. We are still unpacking closets and finding more as we speak. Already we have unearthed some really great holiday decor for Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day.

We also have Vintage Western galore, man oh man, this family loved Western memorbilia. And the crafting/sewing items! This estate sale one for the sewist/crafty person, for sure, tons of fabric, yarns, sewing notions and so much more.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments!

We’ve got a great mishmash of Christmas ornaments, the cutesy little Shiny Brite bulbs, miniature managers, and other baubles. Then there’s all the sweet Christmas ephemera, gift tags, some cool vintage wrapping paper, vintage boxes, and more!


#Vintage Christmas Creations, from 1980.


Vintage Western!

We’ve also got a large amount vintage Western, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and the gang, as well as vintage cowboy gear, and ¬†a ¬†collection of western toys guns and Bowie type knives.



For the sewist and crafter, we have got an insane amont of vintage patterns! So many, so much, that we are offering them for $1 apiece. Any and all, they will only be ONE DOLLAR! Come out and get some super cool vintage patterns for a buck.


But it’s not just patterns, we’ve got a bunch of sewing notions: vintage fabric, thread, magazines, ephemera, braided rugs, brick-a-brack, and more.

Vintage wooden spools.

Vintage wooden spools.


For those of you who missed our last estate sale, or perhaps, you just didn’t get enough (and who can ever have enough vintage clothing anyway!), we’ve got MORE vintage clothing! We’ll be posting photos of that verrrrry, soon, so watch for it! There are some really fun items that could be used for Halloween costumes, fashionable vintage dresses, vintage kids’ clothing, and some amazing vintage accessories!

We are running this sale on the heels of ACL, so watch for more info coming on Facebook, Twitter and of course, my new favorite, Pinterest.


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