Upcoming: A Honey Badger of an Estate Sale, South Austin off Manchaca

Upcoming next week we have a great South Austin estate sale! Hosted in a lovely  home just off of Manchaca, near the Mockingbird Station Post Office. This estate is a great mix of old and new. We have comedy, an old Playboy comic book, vintage comic art and other books, classic children’s novels and books, vintage belt buckles, South Western Decor,  old-fashioned household gear, a fabulous antique scrapbook, vintage Betty Crocker, a PAIR of real taxidermy cobras, big-eyed children wall art, vintage military memorabilia, antique Victrola records, classic games, vintage Beany and Cecil gear, and an antique high chair. It’s a honey badger of an estate sale!

4002fae2e65d57bdc33cf21c97631e69_largeOkay, okay, we’re not actually selling the honey badger! But we do have these amazing PAIR of taxidermy cobras. They are in perfect condition! I definitely want to meet the person who buys this crazy couple!

Doin' the jitterbug, or should I say, the cobra dance.

Doin’ the jitterbug, or should I say, the cobra dance.


This sale has some really cool older items just take a look.

This is a metal flip calendar that you can switch the day manually and the date switches as you flip it around and around. Super cool!


Yes, that’s the date of the sale.

Next up we have several albums of antique Victrola records. They are in excellent condition!

IMG_6662IMG_6667This estates owners had a sense of humor and good taste. They loved comedy and comics. There are two pieces of framed comic art, in mint condition!

IMG_6692Our estate owners clearly loved reading to their now grown grandchildren. They kept classic children’s novels and big-eyed child wall art as a reminders of their childlike spirit.


IMG_6706Do you love Texas and Texas accessories? Well, come on down and get your belt buckle on!

IMG_6732Superman really comes to life in these comics, a compilation from 1939-1942.

IMG_6748 (1)There’s a ton more great stuff, too much to mention. We’ve got lots of vintage comedy routines on DVD and some random hilarious kitschy stuff. For more photos and updates, visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This estate sale will be held next weekend, March 21-22.






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