Having an Estate Sale Means Your Treasures Will Go To Loving Homes

OCfurbikeOne of the more difficult parts of running an estate sale company is to share in all the emotions my clients experience,  with the process of selling their treasures. For many clients, we are handling a lifetime of memories, and it can be hard for them to let go.

On the positive side, offering your treasures to estate sale shoppers ensures that your most prized possessions will go into the homes of loving new owners.

When clients are having difficulty letting go, I remind them that having an estate sale is one of the best ways to part with their items. While donating your estate to a charity or thrift store can be cathartic, it isn’t necessarily the best way to go.

Imagine the assembly line of sorting and pricing your stuff has to go through in a large organization before it gets into the hands of the actual buyer.

When you have an estate sale, your items get into the hands of the new owner straight away directly from your own home.

Estate sale shoppers are, in general, an amazing breed of folks. Many of them love the process of buying from the home where that item has lived for decades. For the average estate sale shopper, the buying process isn’t just about getting the item, it’s about identifying with and knowing a bit of that item’s history.

In many cases, your items will be brought back to a new life. Such as this pair of stools, which needed a bit of TLC when we offered them for sale. Our shopper was so happy to have bought them, she sent us these before and after photos just two days after purchasing them!





Even clothing is worn with renewed passion!

One of our favorite #vintage shoppers, La Fashion Snobhttp://www.lafashionsnob.com/

One of our favorite #vintage shoppers, La Fashion Snob in a vintage sweater from an AO estate sale http://www.lafashionsnob.com/

An example of a sofa we sold, inserted into a shoppers home in a special place.

Another of our favorite shoppers, in the home of Betty Crafter http://bettycrafter.com/

Another of our favorite shoppers, in the home of Betty Crafter, a vintage sofa from an AO estate sale  http://bettycrafter.com/

Having an estate sale is one of the best ways to let your treasure trove of possessions experience a new life.

Being able to accept that you are on the path to selling most all of your items is hard. But imagining them in the loving hands of new owners may make it a little bit easier for some.

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