Deb’s Faves from the Time Capsule House

Every estate sale has its charm. This one was that it had all the amazing NOS (new old stock) items. Our client had so many items that had never been opened, brand new vintage items still in the box! It was astounding.

There were two items that made my faves list immediately and they are worth mentioning again here because these were such unique pieces. Bought by a lovely local, vintage dealer, Betty Crafter, these two sofas went to a good home. She also wrote a blog post on her finds at this sale, worth checking out. She got some of the best stuff!

Here they are in their new home (for now):

Austin Estate Sales

Vintage sofa with fiberglass bubble back.

Austin Estate Sales

Vintage sofa with fiberglass bubble back.

Next up, the Spirograph! Do you remember this? Not only was this one of my favorite finds in this sale, it caught the eye of many shoppers. It went early on the first day and people came in looking for it the rest of the weekend.

Another fave, was this vintage hair dryer. It had never been opened! When I found it, I pulled it out of the box and it was pristine! Still in the plastic and not a speck of dust on it.

Austin Estate Sales

Vintage hair dryer

And finally, you know me, there’s no monkeying around when it comes to vintage. HA!

Austin Estate Sales

Monkey in the middle....

See ya at the next estate sale. Coming sooooon.

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One Response to Deb’s Faves from the Time Capsule House

  1. Judy harder says:

    Debra and Dawn:
    We found the Drauzey bracelet watch under the
    Books in bag.
    So everything fine.
    Thanks Dawn.

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