Jam packed Artist’s Studio, True Austinite, Jewels, Crafts and Restoration

Hey there folks! Our next estate sale, including the art studio of Grace Schroeder, is coming up this weekend, May 3-5. Super excited for this one!

A modest size 1940s home with an outdoor art studio, makes a jam-packed estate. This sale may have a bit of a line, so get here early! As usual we will have two cashiers to help speed things up. Also there will be an semi separate sale, going on OUTSIDE with all the antique light fixtures and hardware, found objects, 30 artist easels, a nice selection of garden pots, a sub-set of the ‘indoor’ artwork, art supplies, books, other miscellany,¬†etc.

We’ll be starting our sale on Friday and ending it on Sunday afternoon.

Here’s what we’ve got:


Over 40 years of paintings and crafty, creative items including the artist’s own work inspired by travels in Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, the Gulf Coast and Central Texas. We also have other artist works, and prints, that our client cherished as well.

Austin Estate Sales

Grace Schroeder's artwork

Jewelry. This was a woman who appreciated a nice jewel. And she collected them for decades. There is a ton of great vintage costume jewelry, all priced to sell.

Vintage clothing:

Austin Estate Sales

Blue #vintage dress

Vintage furniture:


Austin estate sales
#Vintage furniture

Antique lighting fixtures, craft and art supplies and so much more!


Antique lighting fixtures

Austin Estate Sales

Art supplies

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As usual, we’ve got tons of great stuff to go through. Vintage and antique fixtures and hardware; clothing, ¬†jewelry accessories and belts; over 80 vintage scarves; aprons; vintage purses; Roseville pottery; vintage boys toys, cap guns etc. Christmas decor; vintage old wood soda crates; artwork and furniture. It’s like Christmas in, well, May!

Check out more photos here on Smug Mug.

The sale will held May 3-5.

Address is:

706 Texas Ave. Austin TX 78705. Near Hancock Golf Course. Off 38 1/2 Street.


  • Friday: 10-3
  • Saturday: 9-2
  • Sunday: 10-2

And a special treat!

Watch for this lady on Friday morning. Our gal Sister Lucille will be out in full force playing Texas Trivia with those of you in line and handing out prizes! She’ll only be here on Friday, so get there early and get in line to have some fun.


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