Back to Back Sales, Two Sales in One!

Austin Estate Sales

Over 1000 sci fi and fantasy books.

No, you all are not seeing double. We have two sales this weekend. Two houses; two sets of lifetimes; two collections. Whatever you call it, we are going to have two sales, half a mile from each other in beautiful Onion Creek neighborhood. Come on down south, grab a coffee and shop to your heart’s content!

Our first sale is Mid-Century Modern, Sci Fi/Fantasy and Antique Sewist.

This living estate is a prominent surgeon, who had classic taste in furniture and art; loved to read sci fi, and the antique lace collection of his wife.

If you are into retro furniture with a taste of Mad Men, this sale is just right. Along with furniture, this sale has classic artwork; a collection of CIA photos, blown up for wall hanging; vintage decor; a huge set of classic recipes many arranged in vintage

Austin Estate Sales

Classic original art.

artsy recipe boxes; and more.

This sale also has a collection of over 1000 books, retro, classic sci fi, fantasy and other vintage paperbacks.

And if you’re a sewer, crafter, quilter, or just enjoy the feel of a good textile, this sale has fabulous antique lace, textiles, a vast antique button collection, ribbons, vintage patterns and more! This sewing enthusiast collected tidbits for her hobby all around the country and saved it up for a lifetime.

This sale also has a modest amount of vinyl, world doll collections, knick knacks, baubles, shiny holiday decorations,  and more. You can see photos of this sale here. And also see photos of just the sewing collection here.

Next up, half a mile down the road, we’ve got our sale named, Around the World in 80 Years.

This is a couple of world travelers, retired U.S.A.F military pilot & wife. They picked up goodies from travels around the globe.

Austin Estate Sales

Bar Cart from somewhere around the world!

This sale has military mementos and gear; rifles; garden and much more! You can see more photos of this sale here.


Mid-Century Sale: 10908 River Plantation Drive

Around the World Sale: 10713 Scioto Court

Remember, these sales are only half a mile from each other. Start at one and end up at the other. This weekend is also the neighborhood garage sale in this community, so be prepared to navigate the yard sales too!


May 25: Friday 10-3
May 26: Saturday 8-1
May 27: Sunday 10-2

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One Response to Back to Back Sales, Two Sales in One!

  1. Sylvia Stewart says:

    Please include me in your e-mail list of sales. I also sent you a msg today wanting that large bookcase at the estate sale where all the books are the sci-fi, Call me at 295-0188, I will purchase on phone. Ty Sylvia

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