Sewist, Sci Fi, USAF, and MORE!

This weekend we are hosting two sales at once! We are so excited and there is no way to show you everything we have at these two sales. But we are certainly going to try.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the upcoming sales:

The first one listed is the Mid-Century Modern, Sci Fi/Fantasy, and Antique Sewist Collection.

Austin Estate Sales

Antique Lace

We feel so please to share with you, this collection of antique lace, buttons, ribbons and textiles. There is a lot of this stuff folks. It’s one of those times when we are out-of-this-world excited for our shoppers who enjoy rare and unique collections. You can see more photos of this sewing collection here.

Austin Estate Sales

Mid-century modern furniture

We’ve got mid-century modern furniture and artwork. Picture yourself sipping martinis and playing bridge in this house. (Btw, we’ve got a bridge table too!) See more photos from this sale here.

Austin Estate Sales

Part of a decades long collection of sci fi and fantasy books.

We’ve got over 1000 books, a large majority of this collection is vintage sci fi. Among these authors are Hal Clement, Cyril Judd, and Robert Sheckley.

All of the above photos are from the sale, Mid-century Modern, Sci Fi/Fantasy and Antique Sewist.

At our next house, we are selling items from an estate of round the world collectors items, this sale is dubbed Around the World in 80 Years.

Austin Estate Sales

These folks actually had a need for this world clock. Pretty cool!

Austin estate Sales

Military mementos.

At this sale, we’re selling USAF mementos, 3 rifles and military gear.

Austin Estate Sales

Our lady of the house liked to garden while hubby cleaned his guns.

Austin Estate Sales


And besides all that, they are just funny folks.

Austin Estate Sales


See more photos of this sale here.

We’ll be posting details, including sale times and address, tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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