Next Stop, Pflugerville! (Worth the Drive!)

In true style of Amber Ostrich Estate Sales, our next estate sale is the Pflugerville HOUSE OF FUN!


Austin Estate Sales

#Vintage and new collectible piggy banks.

This sale is a great big mix of campy vintage to new-in-box and some new-in-great-shape housewares.


Austin Estate sales

Vintage 1970s kitchen table.

The big news on this one is FOUR DECADES of ladies vintage clothing and shoes, tons and tons and tons of SHOES!

We’ve got five closets of clothing and approximately 300 pairs of shoes. And get this, she saved the boxes! They’re even labeled!


Austin Estate Sales

300 pairs of #vintage shoes!

Austin Estate Sales

Five decades of great ladies clothing!


Austin Estate Sales

Vintage 1970s sundress

We’ve also got classic vintage avocado and orange everything, including an avocado washer and front loading dryer! This estate sale is most certainly worth the drive, even from south Austin! Trust me on this.


Austin Estate Sales

#Vintage avocado washer and front loading dryer.

For all the dealers out there, the answer is YES. You want to come to this one.

Aside from vintage clothes and shoes, we’ve got an assortment of vintage Tupperware, some of it never used and still in original packaging!

We have tons of green glass and vintage kitchenware.

For the early holiday shoppers, our Christmas wonderland will blow you away.

The owner of this estate was the epitome of Texas. Her love for UT shows in her UT collectibles. Also a huge Elvis fan. If you collect Elvis we’ve got you covered in this sale.

Austin Estate Sales

#Vintage Elvis


I can’t even begin to tell you just how much more great stuff there is. We’ve just begun digging, sorting, and sifting. This estate sale is going to be so much FUN to shop!

The sale will be held at the end of September. Stay tuned for more details!!

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2 Responses to Next Stop, Pflugerville! (Worth the Drive!)

  1. Kendall Rabon says:

    Hi Debra,
    I am a good friend of Aimee Walden-Moyer and she turned me on to you and your estate sales!! I am so excited for this one in Pflugerville.
    I own a mobile vintage clothing boutique and am wondering if you have a personal buyer list that you allow to shop prior to your public dates..? I just moved back to the hill country from Lubbock and became really good friends with the major estate sale people there, it was a sweet little group and it sure made it even more fun and exciting!!
    Also, if you ever need extra help with any of your sales, I would be so happy to help you, I just have a crazy passion for all things vintage!!! I hope this isn’t too forward or inappropriate, and I look forward to meeting you.

    Thank you, thank you,

  2. Maurine Mercer says:

    please notify me when the date is firmed up for the Estate Sale, would love to come shop!!!

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