Artist Monica Boeckman: An AO Shopper Profile

Here at Amber Ostrich Estate Sales, we have many shoppers who are business owners and come to our estate sales to buy for their businesses.

This shopper profile is part of an installation of a blog series about our shoppers who are also business owners.

Monica Boeckman is an artist who is inspired by inner pain. Merging the inner world with the outer world of dead flesh and zombies, Boeckman attempts to paint pain on flesh.

Sketching out her next project, inspired by a flesh eating bug.

Her art consists of paintings and photography. In her “Dead Flesh” series she starts with a painted human then eventually takes photos, which become the art, rather than the paint, which is only a means to an end in this series.

Her “Living Dead Women” series was inspired by George Romero horror movies. Although her zombies do resemble movie zombies in some manner, she says that her greatest desire is to portray the inner pain of the human behind the gore.

“I wanted to paint the people’s inner zombie…. Show the beauty of sadness.”

One of the ways Boeckman uses estate sale shopping in her art is by picking up antique photos and vintage frames. In her “Family Portraits of the Living Dead” series, she used old photos and scratched them with an ink-filled needle for the initial process, then eventually put them to canvas and framed them with old frames.

Boeckman says the reaction to her art ranges from amused to horrified. Whatever the reaction, she says she will plow ahead toward her goal of making peace with pain.

“What I really want them to feel, is to see the art, see the soul of the person and know they are not alone. Everyone feels dead inside sometimes. But it will pass.”

You can check out Monica Boeckman’s artwork on her website:

She will be having her next show at Wake the Dead coffee shop in San Marcos in October.










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