Organizing with Estate Sale Items

When it comes to organizing, most people typically head out to a big box store and come home with a bunch of plastic or newly crafted, but cheap cloth boxes. And while there’s nothing wrong with this type of organizing, I see tons of potential for organizing with classic, retro items from estate sales.

Classic items from estate sales have passed the test of time when it comes to organizing materials. Also, in my opinion, they just look nicer. Often, they will last for years and you (hopefully) won’t need to replace them as often. And in many cases, they might actually be less expensive than buying newer, lower-quality organizers.

What a great vintage closet organizer.

Back in the day, folks separated their various styles of clothing or used these things to keep their clothing fresh and critter-free. In this day and age, you could find a new use for these hanging closet organizers. Stick your fancy dresses in there; separate pants from skirts; or just jam all your extra bed linens and be done with it. It’ll keep your closet fresh and easy to see everything else.

Find a fresh use for an old-fashioned dress organizer.

Naturally, old trunks make fantastic storage and gets all those random things out of the way. Use a vintage steamer trunk to store linens, use as a toy box, store crafting or sewing supplies, or use it to store out-of-season clothing. And, it makes a great little bench. Double uses!

Old steamer trunks make great storage!

A vintage knick knack drawer makes a great jewelry case. Add a hat box, and you’ve got decorative, plus more storage for various sundries.

Get creative with your organizing. Antique suitcases make fabulous storage!

Austin Estate Sales

Vintage suitcases, good for storage and decorative too.

And you know, even if you’re not getting fancy about it, you can always find cute, interesting baskets at estate sales. Baskets make organizing life easier in so many ways.

Austin Estate Sales

Cute baskets for organizing, found at most estate sales.

What are some ways you’ve organized using vintage items? We’d love to hear your stories.


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