Saucy, Sexy, and For Sale!

Our upcoming estate sale in Tarrytown is the estate of a couple of local art lovers who have lived in Austin since the late 1950’s. They are cultured folks, former UT professors. And not the least bit conservative, ahem!

I couldn’t resist highlighting some of the more risque items you’ll find at our sale. Don’t worry though, this is about as kinky as it gets. Nothing will shock you after you see these bits. ;)

Austin estate sales

Flower child.

Austin estate sales

Well, well, well.

Austin estate sales

My stars!

Austin estate sales

African gold weights, in "position."

Austin Estate Sales


Austin Estate sales

Fallen angel. Go figure? This family has a sense of humor.

There’s lots of awesome stuff in this sale. These folks are very well-read. ┬áThere will be a great selection of books and LP’s for you to peruse. Check out more photos and watch for the details! Sale starts Sept. 21.

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