What’s the Difference Between a Garage Sale and an Estate Sale?

Austin Estate Sales

Lifetime of button collecting.

With summer upon us, sales of used items abound. Garage sales, estate sales, they are similar, but definitely NOT the same.

While many of our regular shoppers may understand the difference, we find that estate sale shopping brings in many newcomers. A new hobby, a new collection, a new obsession and suddenly, estate sales are a new favorite activity.

So, what is the difference?

Austin Estate Sales

Sometimes you've just gotta go vintage.

There are three major differences between estate sales and garage sales.


  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Value

The quality of items that you’ll find at an estate sale varies widely, but overall, you will find better quality items at an estate sale. Thus, the prices may be slightly higher, but rather then paying retail, you’ll notice that at an estate sale, the price is usually lower. Sure, the items are typically used. But the condition they are in is often better than at a garage sale. Our estate sales consist of a whole household full of items, filled with a range of items ready for many more years of use to the new owner.

When you shop at a garage sale, you may find some interesting treasures for negligible prices. But when you shop at an estate sale, you can often be guaranteed to find larger collections.

For instance, at our last estate sale in Onion Creek (one of two), one of our estate owners was a collector of sci fi and fantasy books. If this owner had sold off his collection at a garage sale, chances are, it would have only included a small portion of his original 1,000 book collection.

Austin Estate Sales

Sci fi book collection.

Finally, value, is what you’ll find at our estate sales.

There’s nothing at all wrong with shopping at a garage sale. We love them too, here at Amber Ostrich. But at an estate sale, the value of the items you’ll find is typically of higher value. You’ll find vintage and antique collectibles. You’ll find beloved treasures collected over a lifetime.

At most garage sales, you’ll find castaways. At our estate sales, you’ll find unique and interesting items, cleaned, staged, priced and ready for your perusal.

We hope to see you at our next sale!

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